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  1. Just like Zyngas mentioned, cops have a choice. Cops are encouraged to use non lethal when they are able, my brother who was in law enforcement dealt with 2 people with guns. Once they had to draw guns the other he was able to use his taser. (These people were either stupid or criminals obviously he has had other cases with guns)
  2. -1 Pros: OK Application GMT Timezone Cons: String of warns of 12 warns over 13 days Mingey in game Conclusion: Overall, I think you should keep the warns down, you have only been active the past few days without any warns. (Disrespecting staff over discord and forums isnt the way to go)
  3. Hello there fellow gamer!!!! I also enjoy gaming
  4. -1 Pros: Good interactions in game Active Cons: Lots of previous bans 2 warns in past week Pocket mentioned application Conclusion: Overall,I think you should keep the warns down and put more detail into your application and you should be good.
  5. +1 Pros: Very nice application. Active. Lots of staff experience. Good interactions in game. Cons: None Conclusion: Overall, I think you would be nicely fit for staff.
  6. -1 Pros: None Cons: Haven't seen you on a lot Multiple Errors in app c1: Mass RDM/RDA is not followed with a simple hour ban or a week even. c3: Metagame is different from NLR, examples are incorrect. Metagame would be being based with someone and using they're codes to your advantage. d1: You would need screenshots or recordings because this would be word againt word, the higher up would be believed. d2: You wouldn't just jail the person and return to your sit, follow up jailing them with a quick 2 week ban. d3: Hobos may not build on the street, only the sidewalk. Conclusion: Overall, I think you need to the know the rules better and reread the MOTD a little more thoroughly.
  7. NEUTRAL Pros: OK Application Pretty active Cons: My experiences with you in-game today were negative, you were not compliant till I told you I would warn you if you didn't listen c3: All three examples are incorrect, metagame is using outside knowledge correct, however a example would be hearing printers and making a warrant. Conclusion: Overall, I think you need to the know the rules better and not be toxic/uncompliant. (Edited: Apologized, showing some real dedication, now neutral)
  8. Saddy and his Garfield Kart oh god lmfao
  9. @GIBBY There is already a lottery they are addicted to lmfao
  10. +1 Pros: Good Application Only good interactions in game Pretty active Cons: None c2: There is no time scale for raids, you get one life during a raid. Conclusion: Overall, I think you would be nicely fit for staff.
  11. CombatMilk


    -1 Pros: OK Application Cons: Havent seen you on 5 bans and 10 warns Conclusion: I have yet to see you on and you got warned today and yesterday, from your recent warns and bans its not a good sign. Despite you saying you have experience and have been playing DarkRP for a long time you still have tons of warns and bans.
  12. Stopped reading after the first sentence 11/10
  13. -1 Pros: IDK Cons: 7 warns, 2 bans 2 warns in the past week Application is poorly detailed c3: Metagame is when someone uses outside knowledge that they dont gain from rp. For ex. If you were a hitman, someone in your discord telling you where your hit is on the map. Not gaining money in an abnormal way d1: This person is a "higher up", you cant just simply ban him without reason stated or evidence gathered. d2: Lacks major detail. d3: Lacks major detail. Conclusion: If you kept your warns down and put more effort into your application you would be more qualified. Also you have two bans, one was two years ago for Mass RDM. The other was a week and a half ago for RDM in a sit, Not "one for "being a homo", said by Xecory, and two for covering up my bitcoin miners while building"
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