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  1. Alt+E is a very broken addon and would allow people to just clip through walls and jail cells etc adding it would cause absolute chaos as people would glitch into bases and out of the map 0/10 do not recommend
  2. advised not forced and again even though they do say to use lethal force sometimes it's not a option if there are people in the crossfire or if you risk killing someone
  3. There are quite a few cases where a cop has successfully arrested a guy after they were shot at some of them do involve the guy being tased and so on it's not unrealistic
  4. -1 Pro's Somewhat active Con's A lot of grammar mistake's Mingey in game Your application is missing a lot of detail shown by forrset
  5. This isn't the first time someones asked this but the usual answer is always no
  6. This explains everything for you
  7. this is a bad attempt and very bad
  8. old forums were pretty bad so this new forums sound pretty lit
  9. Virgo is a star sign assigned by birth date
  10. +1 Pros: Good player Not mingey Have only had good interactions with you in game Cons: Warned 2 times within the past week Conclusion: You're a good person and a good player my only problems are the 2 warns but that's it otherwise good app
  11. Your vr setup is lit I've seen it before very nice
  12. Mine personally is evangelion hxh and jojo
  13. Hi my names David, I've been a part of the community since 2017 and I love being staff on here I'm super active in discord so if you need anything add me here "Kil#6536" I'm usually on from 12am to 4am cst
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