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  1. -1 if the person was running then officers would use their taser, besides try telling someone new to the server "You can taze them and arrest them if they are breaking a rule on the law board, the taser will completely immobilize them for about 5 seconds and that gives you your chance to arrest them, BUT if they take out a gun you have to shoot them." there would be so many tickets for a minor issue
  2. Hello Lemons, Thank you for making a report, Due to the lack of evidence there is not much we can do. But i will talk to Earl about the situation. Have a good day.
  3. -1 you tried to make T-Mods + Me do the /checkrank Command in Chat to Demote Us
  4. Pro's: Prior Staffing Experience, Very Nice In-game, Was a very good moderator, Very good Application Con's: Conclusion: I would LOVE to have you back on the team, you were a very good moderator when i was still a T-Mod, you have also submitted a very well made application. +1
  5. Pro's: Very Nice, Fun to Play With Con's: 2 warns, 6 bans, c1: you did not define RDA, c3: you did not give examples of Metagaming, d1: (this is minor since you got it right) you tell a higher up not submitting it to the foums, d2: First you jail them, Finish your sit THEN ban them. Conclusion: You have alot of potential but you have alot of errors in your application. I Like you alot but if you want to be a moderator you have to study up. -1
  6. Old School RuneScape/TF2
  7. that would be cool and cop cars for cops
  8. i want batman to have an arrest baton so he can help the police and not see everyone with a gun and make them KOS, he can arrest them if they have a gun out in open. That gives more RP to batman than otherwise just going up to someone and spraying them with a gun
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