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  1. -1 Just saw you in-game today! Other than that, I have never seen or interacted with you before. C1) Ok you started out well but then I read a bit more. We wouldn't kick for RDM and then ban for 30 minutes for the second offense. It would just be another warn. 3rd offense would definitely not be a permanent ban, but possibly a ban for MassRDM if it was in quick succession. C2) You wouldn't kick and ban for NLR on the first offense. It would just be a warn. C3) Metagaming is when a player uses out of character knowledge that their character shouldn't know in-game. I get your reasoning behind using the voice chat, however the definition you gave threw me off. D1) This is the strangest approach I have seen to this question. I mean, I guess it could be viable but you would want to try and collect as much evidence as possible and report it to a higher up (higher than the ranked person you are reporting). D2) Mass RDM is a two week ban, not 30 minutes. D3) I appreciate your honesty here. Conclusion: Take some time to read over the MOTD and watch staff during your sits. You'll learn a lot by the time you reapply. Thank you!
  2. Hi thanks for the suggestion. To answer your fading door and explosives question, explosives are already in the game to combat bunker bases. They are found with the "Explosives Dealer" class. Your vehicle suggestions seems nice, however if you provide a link it would help us view this easier. The final suggestion is a big stretch, and most likely will not happen.
  3. Solution, go to bed. Staff are not required to be on at night, however we do try and hop on as much as possible. I would say to just hop off for the night, sleep, then go on the server during the afternoon when us staff are actively moderating the server. You can always report players using our "Report a Player" section by following the format whilst providing evidence. We are sorry about the inconvenience, however there is no real solution to your issue.
  4. Doctor Hunt


    Is there any ex-staff that still view the forums? You should like, reply if you do cause that's an achievement.
  5. -1 Too young and had many mingy experiences with him in-game.
  6. Or you know log off for the night and not minge. Sip some tea before bed and meditation to ease the pain of retards.
  7. -1 Tried to explain to me that I didn't know what I was doing earlier today. He killed me past a KOS line saying I passed it and that he could now kill me. I tried to explain to him that you can only kill a player whilst inside the area that is KOS. He then proceeded to argue with me. Told me and CONVOY that he didn't care that we were moderators and that he had been playing DarkRP for a while, understanding all the rules. Finally, he came to realize he was wrong and apologized. However, I don't think it was professional for him to not listen to us and try to shove us away.
  8. +1 Talked with in-game, active and friendly whilst also knowing the rules.
  9. +1 Pros: Ex-staff, knows the rules, and is active as I can see. Cons: None so far.
  10. -1 Pros: Absolutely none. Cons: Big minge, had to deal with him multiple times.
  11. +1 Pros: Active. Talked with him in-game. Seemed like a friendly person and looked like he had an understanding of the rules. Cons: None so far.
  12. +1 However I loved the Ithica as a joke gun.
  13. Neutral Application is well written! However, I do not see you in-game.
  14. -1 Hello and thank you for applying! However, I am going to have to -1 your application. You are active and that's great! But when you are on, you seem to be mingy. I've had some bad interactions with you in-game. Anyways, your application also looks rushed through. Maybe fix your reputation and also edit your application, then I can maybe reconsider.
  15. Neutral Pros: Decent application. Cons: Slightly inactive.
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