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  1. It looks like you've spent a lot of time on this application but there is one issue. For D3, although there are only 2 players on, you still shouldn't allow players to build on the streets. Other than that, the application looks pretty solid. +1 (Fix up the little mistake as well)
  2. jEK

    yespapa's staff app.

    -1 Application very rushed.
  3. There are quite a few opinions on you, most being somewhat iffy but in all honesty, I don't think you'd be a bad moderator. Although many haven't seen much activity out of you, I don't think its really the best reason to give you a -1 considering you know a-lot of the rules and you seem pretty dedicated because you're application is really good and a lot less hostile. Because of that, I'm willing to give you a NEUTRAL (Leaning +1). All I want is to see more activity out of you. I am currently having PC Issues so I won't be active a lot which means i could miss when you're on. I will be sure to ask around to see if you're active from here on out and I will not mind changing my rating to a full +1. NEUTRAL (LEANING +1)
  4. Very good application, looks like you put a lot of time into it. Like lolagaf said, haven’t really encountered you on the server yet. +1
  5. jEK

    Justpatchee T-mod App

    Pretty decent application but you’re quite toxic in game chat. Neutral (Leaning -1)
  6. Ithaca needs a nerf? To what, one damage per shot? Not only that but some guns are pretty unbalanced as it is.
  7. Application looks a bit rushed but its not too bad. I've only had one interaction with you which was with you hiding out in a thief's base as a mayor, not really RPing as the mayor. Other than that, I dont see anything else wrong. NEUTRAL (leaning +1) (Will be changed if you keep doing good).
  8. Aside from you purposely walking into my bullets and then killing me, I'd say you make a good moderator! +1
  9. The only time I've seen you on was Today. Not only that but the first time i actually interacted with you, you had about 10 fading doors in your base, which were all stacked making the base unraidable. You do have a good Application but i need to see more out of you ( in game ). NEUTRAL
  10. jEK


    Exactly right. I don't think its fair to ban someone from only hearing one side of the story. How long will a player be banned for LTAS anyways?
  11. jEK

    Reporting moo

    I was mentioned in this report so I do feel like I have the right to respond. I was called over by RJ, and he said that people were building on the roof (obviously). I fly over and confront the hobo building on the roof and I see Moo up there as well. She was not building anything and told me that they were just having fun and there were also other moderators also on the roof. Because of this, I flew back down to Rj and told him that because she is technically my superior and she is allowing it, that I would allow it as well. I do not really see what is wrong with a hobo building on the roof, although it is "inaccessible" (i have no idea how he got up there) and if it is a big problem, i will refrain from allowing this to happen again.
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