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  1. jEK

    what the flip

    my shadow play makes my PC turn off for some reason so no can do Mr. Kil, thanks for the help tho!!!!!!!
  2. jEK

    what the flip

    you're the only white knight moderator that gets mad when I kill you, the first thing I did when I got on was kill one of my friends who was on my CC and he didn't care, its fine that i got banned i deserved it but don't act all buddy buddy with me and then when I do something to mess around and troll when some of ya'll were doing the same thing, you turn on your all mighty power hungry mode and ban me
  3. jEK

    what the flip

    whatever you say big man ripple, i killed only 3 of you and made sure it was people in the party so that they wouldn't get butthurt, but you should take my advice and get some fresh air outside before all that power makes you go kaboom. also some people in your party did infact RDM so dont be a lyer lyer pants on fire my friend
  4. jEK

    what the flip

    bro what in gods name did you just ban me for on jhad most of your 8 man group was rdming u flippin flop. maybe you should go outside to see the sun because all of the power is flowing to your head. @ripple no kizzy capper i was on for 10 minutes and no bs i saw like 15 rdm's from people in yo group and ya let is slide you fool dont make me go ape mode on you next time i see you on god bruddah
  5. jEK

    some loser

    @Patrick Starimagine resigning
  6. jEK

    some loser

    So I was on XenoRP after my long hiatus and some RETARD named "Thomas Shelby" shouted some really mean words at me and then proceeded to kick me from the server. All I want is an apology from this homunculus lookin man. This guy is a fucking loser. @Patrick Star
  7. It looks like you've spent a lot of time on this application but there is one issue. For D3, although there are only 2 players on, you still shouldn't allow players to build on the streets. Other than that, the application looks pretty solid. +1 (Fix up the little mistake as well)
  8. -1 Application very rushed.
  9. There are quite a few opinions on you, most being somewhat iffy but in all honesty, I don't think you'd be a bad moderator. Although many haven't seen much activity out of you, I don't think its really the best reason to give you a -1 considering you know a-lot of the rules and you seem pretty dedicated because you're application is really good and a lot less hostile. Because of that, I'm willing to give you a NEUTRAL (Leaning +1). All I want is to see more activity out of you. I am currently having PC Issues so I won't be active a lot which means i could miss when you're on. I will be sure to ask around to see if you're active from here on out and I will not mind changing my rating to a full +1. NEUTRAL (LEANING +1)
  10. Very good application, looks like you put a lot of time into it. Like lolagaf said, haven’t really encountered you on the server yet. +1
  11. Pretty decent application but you’re quite toxic in game chat. Neutral (Leaning -1)
  12. Ithaca needs a nerf? To what, one damage per shot? Not only that but some guns are pretty unbalanced as it is.
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