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  1. Hey Luci, Thanks for applying! Pros: Active, Knows rules, Prior staffing experience, Good application Cons: None Conclusion:+1
  2. Hey festive mornings, Thankyou for applying! Pros: No bans/low warns prior staff experience Cons: C)1 and c)2 have no examples never seen you on before Conclusion:Neutral leaning -1
  3. Asked me too check out his application few minutes ago. Doesnt sound of age Conclusion:-1
  4. Hey and or other, im sorry you feel this way about what happend, but I was inside a base I just bought when you proceeded too mug me and whilst you were mugging me I was in my "Q" menu setting up a text screen. I understand where you are coming from while I know sometimes people get things confused but I pulled out a tool gun and you instantly killed me. So I brought you too a sit because from my perspective you gave me no chance to react. So I warned you for FailRp because you mugged me and instantly killed me. Yes I couldve dealt with the sit a little bit more diligently, but I was in the middle of doing something and you caught me off guard. Im sorry this happened, if you want to talk about what happened I will be more than happy too converse with you about it.
  5. hey gonzo, thankyou for applying! Pros:Prior staff experience Active Only have had good interactions Cons: None Conclusion:+1
  6. Hey parslee, Thankyou for applying! Pros: Prior staff experience No warns/bans Cons: Everything said by kil Conclusion:-1
  7. Protecting your base should be defender sided, Making your base as difficult to raid as possible(within rules) is always gonna happen people will continue too find other ways to make a base
  8. Hey Caden, Thankyou For applying! Most of what I was gonna say has already been said Pros:No bans Cons: Mingy in game Conclusion:-1
  9. Hey gingerboy, Thankyou for applying! Pros: No bans and Low warns Cons: Very toxic in game Only had bad experiences with you Today I had too gag you because you werent co-operating and were using unnecessary language. Conclusion:-1
  10. Hey SirZooted, Thanks for applying! Pros: No warns or bans prior staff experience Cons: Never seen you before Conclusion: Neutral, if you become more active I will consider changing my answer
  11. Hey BZ, Thankyou for applying! Pros: Very little warns Cons: Never seen you on Application has a lot of mistakes C1, C2, and C3 have no examples D3) Until* Conclusion:-1
  12. Hey Jeck, Thanks for applying! Pros: Knows rules Chill guy Fun to play with Active Cons: None besides D3 is wrong but I understand were your coming from. Conclusion : +1
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