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  1. i want to know i hope not but i dubt it even though i say that i almost dont believe my own words
  2. Your In-Game (RP) name: MingingMoose Player's In-Game (RP) name: Матроскин Player's Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:161539134 Describe how the player broke the rules: Prop blocking me in my base Evidence of the player breaking the rules:
  3. +1 im stupid and dont know how to figure this system out and i love this way i think it does take a bit longer (i could be wrong) and i (THINK) this system is used more on servers
  4. Okay so i thought it would be cool if you added a new job like a VIP black market dealer that sells some new stuff -1 Shot sniper thats hard to aim and takes forever to reload -2 Shields? -3 Armor (not that op stuff but just stuff that can block a few bullets) 4- Swords -Sniper 200k per shipment -Shields 150k Per shipment -Armor 50K a vest -Swords 250k a sword I know its dumb but would be cool edit I think it should replace explosive dealer alright lets be honest most explosive dealers are your friends that just turn into it so you can raid a base that is otherwise unraidable base but i know this will get backlash but im just speaking the truth to the people who do just play the job i dont know how you make it and sell it and protect yourself without it blowing up or them adverting raid taking it and killing you without a counter that it would blow up on
  5. Sentry

    my review

    So the problem is that the server is toxic as hell i make bad laws that are allowed withn the server rules and i get demoted like what the hell is this other people with bad laws dont get demoted so why me and why now!!!!! also the manager WONT see me like what the hell i asked to see the manager but they just ignored me what the fuck!?!?!?!
  6. Sentry

    Base Dupe

    Hey guys im selling a base and the base template that comes with it it will cost 1 mill either way, if you wish to see it please add KinG_blackjack#6479 on discord thanks :)
  7. i saw somebody else do this its a OAKY idea however he put it as 2 mill pershipment as you can see here Before you bash this like my meat on December 1st let me explain... I think CC's are overpowered because of their weapons. Maybe for a donator rank there can be another Dealer that can supply CC weapons but they will be very expensive, im talkin like 2 mil per shipment. Also it will give players a chance when they are raiding against CCs. Though the rank for the Dealer you need will be either Vortigaunt or Gman since these are very expensive weapons, high risk = high reward. Edit: also im doing this because CC's might (MIGHT) never be added in again. IF you do add them make them like 10 mill per shipment (and each shipment gives you like 5) also i add would add a higher tier for donor giving you this job i feel like this would be fair to the CC'S and the normal plrs just speaking my mind, however if the CCS dont want this than i would advice not to put it in id just say if the ccs say its fair add it C:
  8. Weapons Silcened Weapons would be a great idea for hitmen and ruam so they dont know were or IF they are even being shot -Knifes --- Jobs - i know this is a long shot but i think it would be cool to see the King may mega base with followers add its own laws and have a entry fee --- Mayors Bodyguard would be nice spawns with m4a1 the norm police stuff and a deployable shield --- Random Ideas unbox its a great addon and alot of people would love it :) --- make the black market stuff alot more expensive like the sniper rifles it is REALLY OP --- add deployable shields --- do random events every couple months wre a plr can win like headcrab or even win a custom class (do that like once a yr) THESE ARE ONLY IDEAS please tell me what you think of them down below thank you for taking the time to read this :)
  9. i WOULD agree but it lags the server
  10. I saw greg do something like this before i just want to add some things - Buyer selects price (hitman can accept or decline of course) - with a limit of like 50-100k however you can pay the hitman extra if they ask
  11. Your In-Game (RP) name: BobTheNewsReporter Player's In-Game (RP) name: Agent Nipplioni Player's Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:105528329 Describe how the player broke the rules: I do not know how to describe it prop minge? Evidence of the player breaking the rules: notice whos props it is there is also another person doing it
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