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  1. The staff amongst the XenoRP staff team are all volunteers, meaning we do not require them to be on duty while in game. It is an unreasonable expectation and if a staff cannot handle your issue gather evidence and create a report on the forums. A guaranteed way to have your issue dealt with. So far all evidence provided has not shown me any bias from Something Trans Rights.
  2. Please upload the video to Youtube at a resolution of 720p or higher with audio on so I can further investigate the report.
  3. Jeremy9718

    Staff Report

    Regardless of permission from a member of the staff team. It is still against the rules. Radeon shouldn't have dared you to do it, but you also shouldn't have mass rdmed. I will talk to Radeon on how to address situations like this in the future. Thank you for making the report.
  4. Hi sorry about the experience you had with Greg, I will check if your warn has been removed like Greg said and I will talk to him regarding how he shouldn't punish people outside sits
  5. Jeremy9718

    terrible mod

    Hi thank you for taking the time to make a report, however due to the lack of evidence regarding your situation your report turns into a he said she said situation. We cannot remove your warn/punish Something as we have no evidence to prove that they did not do their job as a XenoRP staff member correctly. Next time when reporting a player please include proper evidence to make the process swifter and more to your liking!
  6. Neutral (Leaning -1) -I haven't seen you on -Ex staff -When previously on the team you left the discord and upset fellow staff members
  7. Neutral (Leaning +1) -Previous staff member -Hasn't been active up until the recent few weeks -Banned yourself -Good application + Edits made showing you really care about becoming staff
  8. -1 I haven't seen you on at the times I was on. Previous interactions have left a bad impression leaving me to believe you aren't fit for staff Due to the relations between you and some staff members accepting you would just cause drama on the team
  9. The evidence posted by Something clearly shows that was propblock/defensive props within the PD meaning it was justified for you to be kicked for failing to remove them. To me it just sounds like bad timing.
  10. As I do not see this going anywhere I am going to close this report due to lack of evidence. Next time please include evidence and the proper format.
  11. Please use the proper format as it’s a sign that you actually took the time to make it easier on us and yourself as if you don’t want to take the time to use our format why should I take the time to review your report. Regardless you didn’t provide any proof to support your claims against Something and from what I hear your ban was well justified. Regarding the people not mentioned in this staff report who replied. Please refrain from replying to any reports if you are not directly mentioned within it. I do however appreciate your willingness to stand up for our staff team and it’s members.
  12. Neutral I haven't seen you on much so I don't know what to think about you
  13. +1 Good person Active Lots of experience No bad experiences Great application
  14. +1 I actually know some tunes on the piano and would love to play some songs.
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