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  1. +1 Good application Previous Staff Member Editing mod app shows that you are taking this seriously Active on the server
  2. Jeremy9718

    Staff Report

    After looking into this report I can see the mistake done. I will talk to Greg about this in hopes that situations like this in the future will be dealt with correctly.
  3. I was watching you RDT a hobo in spawn. I jail you, warn you, then kick you saying to come back when you decide not to be an ass to other players. Then you come back blaming your 5 year old brother. Then I see you RDTing others again! So I jail you, someone says next time dont blame your 5 year old brother and you said that you are your 5 year old brother, further proving that you were on just to dick around. Don't be pissed that you cant hop on our server for the next 2 weeks because the old "my younger brother was using my computer" excuse didnt work.
  4. Hi! Thank you for taking the time to create a staff report. Most don't. We on the XenoRP Administration team have acknowledged your claims and collaborated with each other. Though your lack of proof did make things challenging, we do have confirmation of some of the unjust behaviors reported and we will talk to Lukewarm Pizza about these transgressions.
  5. +1 -Former staff member -Clean application -Really active -Has been part of the community for longer than me -Knows the rules
  6. Next time use the correct format. If you are not going to take the time to properly format your report whilest also providing information to support your claim, why should I take my time to figure out what happened? Regardless. Looking at the evidence so helpfully provided by Actno plus his statement, I can clearly see what he did was within proper guidelines and that this warn was not false.
  7. Accepted Welcome to the team
  8. Denied Not enough detail, incorrect answers
  9. Accepted Welcome to the team!
  10. Denied We have not seen you active since your suspension.
  11. Denied Plagiarism https://fudgygaming.com/forums/thread.php?tid=1973
  12. Denied Incorrect answers, lack of detail in application, has not been seen on
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