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  1. Accepted Welcome to the team
  2. Denied Not enough detail, incorrect answers
  3. Denied Warned while application was up
  4. Accepted Welcome to the team!
  5. Denied We have not seen you active since your suspension.
  6. Denied Plagiarism https://fudgygaming.com/forums/thread.php?tid=1973
  7. Denied Incorrect answers, lack of detail in application, has not been seen on
  8. Denied Lack of detail in application, Incorrect Answers for questions
  9. Suspended Have not seen you on recently.
  10. Denied Not enough detail, and need to see more of you ingame.
  11. I will talk to Anotsuki about this, but due to lack of proof shown from your side I will close this case.
  12. Can I also post my bird?
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