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  1. Per Rules 6 and 8, only 3 fading doors and 3 fading windows are allowed, however I think clarification should be made in a couple of points, since I keep getting a bunch of QQing 15 year olds trying to complain. 1.)if the limit would theoretically be 6, why can we make more than that? Tool gun restrictions are super simple to set up, and would avoid a lot of confusion all around for anyone who didn't completely understand the rules. 2.)If a base has multiple entrances from the street/etc, why would having 2 separate entrances with 3 fading doors each be an issue, from the raiders perspective it's still 3 doors to raid through, and LITERALLY nothing changes for them whatsoever. 3.) If you don't agree with 2, explain why. Use logic an explain why that wouldn't make sense besides "It's the rules", since it's a pretty valid question. 4.)I was ALSO told that if a window can be crawled through that it counts as a door. Which is fine, but wouldn't that make it a crawl base and that's illegal, isn't it? (Chilled?????) , not that it even applied anyway, since the base in question didn't have any windows that could be crawled through. TBH, kinda dumb that this post even needs to be made, as one minute I am getting told it is fine by 1 mod, and the next being told it's rule breaking by another. Quite frankly the fact that a warn was issued over that is ridiculous, even MORE ridiculous that it was done by the mod who looked at it not even 5 hours earlier to issuing me a warn over it.
  2. Be1ial, you LITERALLY came in my base earlier and didn't issue a warn for it, so explain why now that some 15 year old squeeker makes a forum post it's an issue? At this point you guys are only further goading the idiot into continuous harrasment. Literally the only reason he even submitted the report, guaranteed.
  3. Your In-Game (RP) Name: hugh amongus Which staff member are you reporting: Chilled Please describe the staff member's unjust behavior: Chilled willingly sat by and watched a player raid as I was building. This player also spent approximately an hour doing nothing but following me around, submitting reports for every single thing they could in an attempt to continue to get me warns. Chilled facilitated these warning and continued to do so as if he was in on it too. Ultimately everything I was warned for was valid, but at the last second when I was in the middle of trying to build Chilled and the player in question came over to my base and initiated a raid on it while I was building. I created 2 fading doors, went outside and told them I was building. There was only 9 players online so tbh didn't really think the building sign was needed. Then when I said I was building Chilled left, and said that the raid was valid. The player continued to sit in my base all while Chilled is claiming it's a valid raid on a base that was in progress. Please provide any available evidence to back your claims: My Clips are only 1:30 at a time so the only clip I have is of Chilled trying to tell me the 2 doors I created to go outside and tell them I was building made my base an illegal base. Additional info: Not quite sure why everyone has been so warn happy for some but lenient on others. Quite frankly I can handle some annoying 15 year old kid trying to troll me, what I won't accept is an admin allowing rule breaking to occur and be stiff on me but not them. Kinda unfair, and honestly just irritating more than anything else. From what I saw here today, they were playing favorites and when confronted about it played it out like they weren't doing anything wrong. In this case, it was OBVIOUS I was building, since I had my tool gun going off every 5 seconds trying to build a new dupe. Even FURTHER acknowledged by telling both of them I was building before they even got in the first door, then going around and telling them AGAIN and saying "I'll put the sign up, my bad" There are WAY too many instances I have seen where admins allow players to continuously troll players by breaking the rules yet not do anything about it but on the other side they are completely happy to issue unnecessary warns and bans for behavior that may not warrant that. I'm not saying it's all staff, in fact I like a majority of staff here, but be uniform in your discipline. It's either everyone or no one.
  4. Not sure what caused this to happen, but every time I spawn my Porsche, it is ALWAYS at 63% HP. I JUST returned it and sold it and bought a new one, but took a 1.2m hit doing so. Mod broke?????
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