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  1. Would you guys start another darkrp server with a more realistic rp system For example like monolith servers they have a whole different rp system its fucking insane.
  2. 2 replies phantom idc if it's tortinos pizza make this thread lit
  3. I love animals god I love fish more though
  4. So I've been having second thoughts about what I'm trying to major in which is computer programming because I don't have these requirements you guys think I have the ability to learn it Requirements 1. Will power 2. Not pressing the rq button on my keyboard 3. Time management This doesn't mean ima take your shit for granted. Other stuff I would like to major in 1. Aquatic science 2. Veterinarian 3. Nursing 4. Mechanic I know this is truly up to me but I would like to hear you guy's opinion
  5. Bully and super mario sunshine
  6. Fun fact we did have the server on a citymap in the past (edited for less toxicity by phantom)
  7. Is that cheese good on grilled cheese
  8. @Zyngas Ima be real with you chief what police officer has a mic and actually likes to communicate
  9. Rules 1. Please post food that your friends/family cooked 2. Animal food is allowed but it has to be cooked from scratch
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