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  1. Bully and super mario sunshine
  2. Fun fact we did have the server on a citymap in the past (edited for less toxicity by phantom)
  3. Is that cheese good on grilled cheese
  4. @Zyngas Ima be real with you chief what police officer has a mic and actually likes to communicate
  5. Rules 1. Please post food that your friends/family cooked 2. Animal food is allowed but it has to be cooked from scratch
  6. Didn't we have this on the server before @Zyngas
  7. I was in fucking story mode this fucking retard doesn't know that it doesn't break rockstars tos when your in storymode and calls it cheating
  8. I was in story mode modding and doing my thing and he calls it cheating. Fucking unban me because this monkey is fucking Discord mod abusing hard Modding is not cheating by the way retard
  9. No did anybody else say anything though no so it's all you your the only one who wanted me to mute my shit nobody else in that channel they didn't give a fuck
  10. Kil you either have to be retarded or acting retarded you were the only one who gave a fuck and 3 months ago you had nothing to say about it you start fucking enforcing it last month I used to start csgo and you can hear overwatch all the fucking time
  11. I'm pissed There's this little shit on discord named kil and he finds every little tiny reason to use his powers i would rather have someone who straights up admin abuse. instead of a pussy hiding in the closet My experiences with this shitter 1. Today he server mutes me for having my game sound playing threw my microphone and he's the only one who cared than he leaves for 20-25 minutes 2. There's a emoji art kid in xenorp discord and mr i like enforcing little things calls it spam even tho he puts all of his emojis in one message He has me fucked up if he thinks he can treat me like his bitch What to do about this shitter 1. put some kind of reply saying i agree with what this man has to say 2. Get phantom to demote his ass this is gonna be a hard task because kil is fanny packs boi 3. use your american rights and a little euroboi rights 4. laugh our asses off once he gets demoted DM me at xxkracklexx#6538 for premium help and more information about what's going on with this little shit
  12. post the dogs and cats below
  13. Anime: initial d/black clover DUBBED NO SUBBED Show: Jersey shore/How i met your mother, I've rewatched these a lot subbed= weeb dubbed= American
  14. at least i got a game from jeremy before i got banned EZ WIN
  15. Phantom broke this contract i said none of these words and got banned anyway
  17. No advertising cheats on this all american forum
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