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  1. Melatonin gummies are always the answer.
  2. I like glass coke because I like glass bottled drinks.
  3. Oh we know it happens. We just have unreliable staff which are not suppose to sleep and moderator the server 24/7 so no one can minge. We actually have a time schedule on who should be on during each period of time. We have around 2-3 staff on each hour and they switch with other staff members. And if you're a trial moderator, you're suppose to earn like 1000 tickets in the first week to show your devotion to the server ya know? However, all jokes aside, like I said previously, we know that there is a chaos issue during this time. But most of the staff members are EST or don't feel like dealing with the horrible and mingy shit occurring these time. Thus, these times are great time to let your inner purge to be unleashed.
  4. I enjoyed watching Demon Slayer, but the anime that left the most impression on me would most likely be Magnus' Bride.
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