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  1. Like I said before, I was rping as batman and was shooting at someone breaking the rules. I was not by the spot I died. It was pure accident that Scott died. I even said sorry in voice chat bc it was not on purpose. The reason I got off is bc I had work to do and all of my friends were getting off. I was previously a mod and before that a senior mod. I would not go back to revenge rdm someone just for some satisfaction and then disconnect.
  2. I was rping as batman, and there was someone behind the person i accidentally killed that was shooting at another player so I had shot at them and accidentally hit said player in the crossfire and accidentally killed him. I then adverted crossfire and walked a little bit passed pd and typed in ooc "gn guys" as in I was getting off the server for the night. I was never brought to a sit and didn't even know I had been banned til someone joined the discord and told me. Your ban was not justified. So again you have taken action against me without knowing the full story and while I was not connected to the server. As a moderator you should have known a little bit of the details before just handing out a ban imo. I was never brought to a sit and Creeper never talked to me. How is that fair that I can't give my side of the story, but another player can say something to a mod and I get a 3d ban? I killed him by accident, but neither of you would know that bc you never once talked to me about it. Idk if this report would fall on Derpza or Imacreeper007 at this point, but I feel both moderators made a mistake here and I was wrongfully punished.
  3. Your In-Game (RP) Name: im cody Which staff member are you reporting: Derpza Please describe the staff member's unjust behavior: Banning me for 3 days after I left the server to go to sleep. Please provide any available evidence to back your claims: This is all the evidence i have. I dont really know why i was banned?
  4. Is there any chance we could get the rule about batman not being able to party? I think batman should be able to party with other batmans, because I often find that when there are multiple batmans there is usually some corssfire that can end in one batman accidentally killing another.
  5. im cody

    Report on Derpza

    I asked for Herper to come to the sit, because I felt like you were being very bias. You were twisting my words around when i created the same situation with another base to make me look false. Calling you dense was not an insult. I literally said it because you would not take anything i was saying into account in the sit, therefore you were being dense. (From the definition, slow to learn or understand; lacking intellectual acuity) If you are getting your feelings hurt that much because I described you with a word that fit very well then you might want to reevaluate your spot on the staff team. I will add that I did ask if you were mad and if you were going to cry when you told me I was wrong and then threatened me with a kick because I was right in the sit and you should've been warned for ARDM.
  6. im cody

    Report on Derpza

    The only thing I called you was dense, which is not an insult but I was simply describing you. From the dictionary: "And if someone calls you dense, they think nothing can get into your thick skull." I called you dense because I tried to explain why you were in the wrong and you never tried to listen to me or understand where I was coming from. Also, you KOS sign says inside, but your whole entire base was outside of the building. So correct me if I'm wrong but technically that would mean that you can't kill them if they are in your base because it is in fact outside. You attempted to kill me for no reason and then became very bias in the sit. You also had your staff friends come and back you up during the sit to try and silence me so you would get away with killing me. You were very immature during the sit and I felt like your wrongfully kicked me.
  7. im cody

    Report on Derpza

    Your In-Game (RP) Name: im cody Which staff member are you reporting: Derpza Please describe the staff member's unjust behavior: I was shot at by Derpza while standing on this ledge patrolling the city. I then made a ticket for "ardm" where i was then brought to a sit by Derpza and he sat there and just kept repeating that i was on his base. His sign clearly say if inside, which i was not so i then argued that his kos sign did not give him the right to kill me. I gave Derpza another example of what happened for another base and he said "we have talked with higher ups about this" and "You are wrong and deserved to die". I called him dense and then he kicked me for staff diss. Please provide any available evidence to back your claims:
  8. -1 I have had a couple problems with you in game and you seem like a mingey player. I personally dont think you are mature enough for the team right now.
  9. -1 You are currently banned from the server for 3 days due to being a minge in game and paying players to rdm another player you were harassing
  10. +1 You were a great mod previously and I have not had any bad interactions with you in game
  11. -1 To add on to Zyngas' response, you tried to make an excuse for your ban with "Minging My Little brother was minging on my account and yes i do know i take Responcablity for my account" making it seem like you are a mingy player
  12. I agree with Bob, creating a rule to not allow a sort of kill box would make it where bases just become bigger and players will still find a way around it to make crazy op bases.
  13. -1 Getting rid of the juggernaut would be really dumb considering it is there to give the police force some extra power. Here are some counter options to your issues with them. Make more friends to raid with Target the juggernaut first during a raid Get better aim Get better weapons
  14. Weapon checking without consent is a form of attack and therefore you can shoot the cop that weapon checked you. Easy fix.
  15. I don't think this would work for a couple reasons. The mods looking out for it would be very hard especially with as many people submitting tickets at once it is hard to catch a single person switching to gun dealer for a minute or so, buying a few guns and switching back. The idea of getting rid of self supply could also be easily bypassed by having a friend switch to it and buy the gun for the exact price and give it to you and then switch back so it isnt technically considered self supply. I dont really have any good ideas on how to make it a more "useful" job bc there is a workaround for about anything to still get guns and then go back to the job you want.
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