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  1. Your In-Game (RP) name: Large Smoke, BendyBenNotBent Player's In-Game (RP) name: Cheech Player's Steam ID: (Type: ulx copyid "Playername" in console) STEAM_0:0:87212934 Describe how the player broke the rules: We go to raid Cheech (god farther based with thief) so Large Smoke and I advert raid. Large Smoke goes to place a TNT on one of his fences, he then fading door abuses to kill Large Smoke through a fading window made up of 6 props. I see the base is a failbase so I advert over, I advert over after not shooting or picking anything in his base, nor did I go past his KOS line, which means he had no right to kill me as I walked away from his base. I walk back to where we made the bombs to see him trying to blow them all up, which is also fail rp because he was taking and using our bombs without adverting steal. He did this purely to minge us. Upon seeing him blowing up all of our bombs, I killed him as he was taking our property in a way that was completely unrelated to our previous raid. We tried to gather the bombs that were left but he had blew them all up. He then came straight back and killed Large Smoke, a random guard, and me (putting his rdm count to 5). The footage shows the rest, I don't think I need to explain it any further as it shows everything. Sorry for the long message but I hope it makes your job a little easier and hopefully it clears up the video. Evidence:
  2. Absolute hero, always appreciated.
  3. Hi, Zero mods on today and we have these two. Shrekt and Cam have both moved the NPCs shown by the screenshot (already a ban). Cam also has a bot which changes his name when he dies, he also has a chat spammer bot shown in the images. Cam L has also threatened me with my IP address (all shown in screenshots). CamL has aimbotted the whole server which can be shown by anyone who was there at the time including I and Bendy. Shrekt Mass RDMed and moved the car dealer NPC by the looks of it. They've committed many other offences that don't need to be named. Cam L: STEAM_0:1:82041224 Shrekt: STEAM_0:0:514582078 Here's the steam ids
  4. I mean. Our Steam names are an inside joke, as is yours. Yours being Gibby. Your profile picture being a shirtless picture of Gibby. Neither can I take that seriously but lets leave that out of the equation. I shall get Bendy to follow up on your open response though, thanks. It's pretty late so an appeal should be in tomorrow. Thanks for the opportunity.
  5. It took six months to give it a try, thinking it's been long enough for a new slate. I'm sorry but like it's clear he has an interest in the server, no matter what has occured yet those who minge and minge and minge and lie to staff to get out of punishments only get a temporary ban when there's clearly no interest in the server whatsoever. Everybody makes mistakes
  6. Simply asking for some forgiveness, it's been a long time since what happened
  7. Gibby, I'm LargeSmoke. I don't know if you remember me, and me and Bendy played all the time. This is NOT a lie.
  8. Xeno was mine and his favourite server. It's quite upsetting I can no longer play it with him anymore.
  9. I think there's fair share of immaturity in the mod team in the time that I was active on the server. I can remember quite a lot of mic spamming from high staff members. even Earl admitted a dislike for the mod team around that time. I remember when there was a KOS line placed on the ledge of a base which wasn't even inside of it and anybody who went near that ledge would be killed just because it was funny and of course an excuse on the spot was enough due to the fact that you're a staff member. I remember that the windows that you can't even see through were also KOSED. In fact I remember when you and ImChristian would walk around harassing other players simply because you didn't like them. Bendy and myself as clear examples. Kidnapping and mugging over and over for the fun of it. Very mature... Bendy would not target and harass people causing genuine upset. I think personal opinions should leave the equation.
  10. Can you make ban appeals for people?
  11. Pretty sure hundreds of hours counts as loyal mate, and two months of staff experience. Maybe you need to appreciate what some do for your server a little more. I know the full story because that story is my story, that was pinned on him which didn't even involve him. He was demoted as mod after an incident with squekky. He still played the server and he was banned for something not in the MOTD. He was not toxic and not a troublemaker. I'll tell you who was, Squekky. I feel it's a rather biased situation. I would like to know what Bendy did to warrant a permanent ban. He's one of my best friends and I experienced it all with him knowing every bit and he never seemed to have malevolent intent as you so believe.
  12. He did, falsely. Nothing in the MOTD. Very loyal member with hundreds of hours of playtime banned because they thought he was involved in something he wasn't, I think it's time that he's unbanned. The Xeno rebellion was two people, none of them being him. The rules for ban evasion are that your alt gets perma banned and your main gets a 2 week, both shouldn't be permad.
  13. Only OG members like Gibby will remember this man, and me of course. A long while ago he was banned by Framptus for disobeying a mod. Out of frustration he went on an alt. He was then perma banned on both accounts. When he asked Gibby claimed that it was sensible due to the fact that he started the Xeno rebellion even though I and a boy called Logan were the ones involved. I had spoken to Blacksanta the night the rebellion happened and sorted it out and Bendy wasn't involved at all, only a spectator so I would like to request that he gets his proper punishment. A 2 week ban was what was meant going with those rules yet he received the worst punishment of all which was reserved for only hackers and those who sent DDOS threats. FREE BENDYBENNOTBENT
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