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  1. I see you and Kil drifting too much, it's time to stop.
  2. Yeah I just want vehicles to be removed too.
  3. Doctor Hunt

    how do i donate

  4. -1 Dealt with you in-game, you kept RDMing me because I was "harrassing" you.
  5. Can't you not apply anymore? EDIT: I'll make a legitimate decision later, for now its a Neutral (that's if you really can still apply)
  6. Nice plagiarism. Overall: -1
  7. To be honest, I didn't like you on the team. You were too mingy. By the way, haven't seen you on. Overall: -1
  8. Short and sweet. I'd love to see you back, although your return to the server was quite recent. Overall: +1
  9. I'm keeping this short and sweet. I've heard reports of you being a minge and I've experienced it myself so, this leads to my decision of... Overall: -1
  10. I'm going to leave this one with my best judgement. Your application lacks in areas such as... B1 and B2) Your answers seem very lackluster. If you can't put effort in your application, why should we accept you? C1) Did you even read the second part of the question? C2) Ok I think you read the second part, but how did you skip the first part of the question? C3) Yay! You read all the parts of the question! Your answer is decent for this question. D1) Don't report it on the forums. You'll only cause chaos among the team. D2) MRDM first, then the sit after. You minge in game far too much to be a staff member for this team. When you're ready, have some change in character. Overall: -1
  11. First of all, I would also like to welcome you back to the server. Here's my thoughts. Having you as a partner during my experience as staff was great all in all. However, I did see you spiral out of control at the end of your career. You just recently joined back to the server to start playing and it's nice to see you around from time to time. You've changed as a person to me. Now I'm going to leave my best judgement here for now and I hope you can respect my decision. This is only based on the recent actions I've seen you partake in on the server. Overall: Neutral (leaning towards +1)
  12. So here's my thoughts... You legit just joined the server and asked to apply immediately. You need more time with the community before you can just apply like this. Your sentences are very bland and short for an applicant. You have a lot of competitors this week and competition is tough here. B2) Describe your motivation to help people, this doesn't give me much information. C1) Please specify your ban time here. C2) I can take this answer. However, remember the NLR timer is two minutes and you must wait until an RP scenario like a raid is done to return to said area. C3) This definition is sort of correct. It's taking OOC information and using it in an RP situation. D2) Deal with the MassRDMer first, then continue your sit. It'll take a few seconds to ban the guy for two weeks (as two weeks is the ban time for MRDM) D3) Thank you for your honesty on this question. This makes your application seem like i'm writing to a real person. However, remember the real punishments for these actions (a warn / removal of the props). I appreciate you trying to apply for XenoRP as a firsthand experience with staffing. However, it's not the time for you in my opinion. Overall: -1
  13. First of all, welcome back to the server. Here's my feedback... C1) Don't be afraid to give out verbal warnings. People can make mistakes sometimes and you don't need to always give a warning for a broken rule. Also, the "certain amount of days" should be a week for repeated RDM. C2) I'm confused here. You get the NLR timer right, yet you say you can't go back to the base being raided for 10 minutes or until the raid is technically over. Yes, this is partially right, however the NLR timer doesn't change from 2 minutes to 10 minutes. I don't know where that came from. D1) Make sure you collect some sort of evidence before the confrontation. D2) In my eyes, you should just excuse yourself from the current sit and deal with the MassRDMer first. Then go back and deal with your current sit. Honestly, I don't think you're fit for staff right now. You have the experience, however it's not going to cut it for me this time. You legit just came back and aren't on that much at all. I'd love to see you on more so you can change my mind somehow. Overall: Neutral (leaning towards -1)
  14. Dropping M9K would produce too many problems just saying. I think we're fine where we are rn.
  15. Doctor Hunt

    RDM Report

    Your In-Game (RP) name: hunt Player's In-Game (RP) name: ffeJ eman yM Player's Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:87566045 Describe how the player broke the rules: RDMed me Evidence of the player breaking the rules: Garrysmod 2020.03.20 -
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