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  1. Hey, thanks for an interesting thread. Staff are pretty lenient when it comes to warning / banning people (at least that's what I think?). They can recognize players will ill-intentions and punish them accordingly, however they will try and help new players that come onto the server. Usually they give these new players a verbal warning and have them read the MOTD. Staff also should be stepping in when issues like MRDM is occurring as those are major scale issues. Usually, staff can recognize when they need to go on duty for issues like this which should be no problem. As for the
  2. Now imagine custom classes with the ability to have armor.
  3. So even though I'm not active in the community a lot anymore, I still like to view the discord / forums and see the status of the community. I was just wondering, what games did you all play when you were a kid? For example, I used to play Wizard101, Little Big Planet, Poptropica, Call of Duty: World at War, etc. I'm just curious to see what others played. Thanks, -Doctor Hunt
  4. Don't ping the staff on discord, just make a player report please. If you ping the staff, they'll tell you exactly what I'm telling you now. Please follow this template as well when creating your report... Thanks, -Hunt
  5. -1 Bad interactions within game. Toxic and rude to the staff members.
  6. Neutral You have 3 warns as I can see, two for ARDM and one for RDM. I feel like your anger issues could lead to some bias? I'm not going to judge you off of that really though. C2) You didn't really define NLR, you just gave some examples. C3) Metagame can be confusing honestly. Metagame could be like hearing printers and warranting someone for it, or using keypad codes to raid someones base that you have previously partied with. I want to give you chance, so that's why I'm leaving you with a neutral. I want to see what other staff say about you, and I will adjust my
  7. +1 Play with a lot and knows the rules pretty well.
  8. +1 Good ex-staff member, chilled out in-game.
  9. -1 Hey altimate, thanks for applying again. I appreciate the effort, but you literally used the same application you used in September, 2019 (besides some fixed grammatical errors). It doesn't seem like you really want to be staff? I'd like to see you really try to change some things up and make some more adjustments to your application rather than using your old one.
  10. Please follow the template: Also, you must be 15 in order to apply. So, see you in four weeks!
  11. Please follow the template: (include the evidence and steam ID's of the people RDMing in the report please).
  12. +1 Yeah I want you back, just remember to not report the other staff member on the forums.
  13. -1 Gang wars can just lead to MRDM fests and we already terrorists and mafia. There's no need for these two jobs.
  14. Heyo Lonely, welcome back. Pros: Ex-staff Active player Detailed App Cons: Recently demoted for inactivity If this application is valid, I'm going to give you a +1. I don't know if you were given the all clear to apply (since you were demoted), however if you were, I'd like to see you on our team again.
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