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  1. +1 Isn't this your 10th time uh I forget.
  2. -1 Plagiarism, this isn't tolerated anywhere.
  3. I get your frustration but however, players are always available to hop off when the server is too heated and log on the next day. Most of our staff are asleep at night anyways, so they won't be on / take tickets. Most staff do take severe tickets like Mass RDM and etc. If you have some minor infractions, you can always report the people on the forums under, "Report a Player". In addition, as jEK stated, we have a quota of 50 tickets per week. Our staff system has been running like this for years now, it's functional.
  4. Staff aren't required to take tickets, however it'd be nice if they do so.
  5. Gibby told me to make this. He doesn't want to admit it, so don't ask him. Gibby secretly wants to become the event manager and have everyone contact him for events. Please send all classifications for events to Gibby, as this is his first day on the "job".
  6. -1 Can I just copy and paste what they said above or do I have to be original?
  7. Neutral Never seen you in-game. If I have it's probably only been at least once. A5) If you maybe message a staff member (like an HR) or make a report on the forums about this, it could be resolved. B1) Weird way of catching minges by minging but ok. Seems like you caused a big stir on that server for no reason, however if it worked it works. B2) I see you mention people trying to escape punishments? Our staff catch on quickly and we mainly try to give verbal warnings before any harsher punishments such as warnings and bans. C1) If you could specify the ban for the "short while" that would help. Also great mention of using the staff team as a resource for help. Questions are always willing to be answered because it's better to get things right the first time rather than wing it. Punishments can be handled anyway a staff deems fit, however they should consider the guidelines when banning around these times. Good answer! D1) Good way to handle this situation. It's better for staff to refrain from arguing, stopping us from showing imbalances in our team. Well done! D3) If you could define "standard protocol" it would help us understand how you would actually dish out punishments. The application is great! However, your last paragraph brought you down for me by a lot. You mention that you minge with your friends a lot and try to bend the rules so that you are not technically breaking them. In my opinion, that's pretty unprofessional for a experienced staff member. I wouldn't technically call you an ally, more as a friend if you're on our team. And yes, we do have teams. You're application was good and I thank you for applying to our server. See you in-game!
  8. +1 Old staff and active. Obviously knows the rules. Help us.
  9. +1 He makes my job more fun and he was staff before. He's active once again to return.
  10. -1 Just saw you in-game today! Other than that, I have never seen or interacted with you before. C1) Ok you started out well but then I read a bit more. We wouldn't kick for RDM and then ban for 30 minutes for the second offense. It would just be another warn. 3rd offense would definitely not be a permanent ban, but possibly a ban for MassRDM if it was in quick succession. C2) You wouldn't kick and ban for NLR on the first offense. It would just be a warn. C3) Metagaming is when a player uses out of character knowledge that their character shouldn't know in-game. I get your reasoning behind using the voice chat, however the definition you gave threw me off. D1) This is the strangest approach I have seen to this question. I mean, I guess it could be viable but you would want to try and collect as much evidence as possible and report it to a higher up (higher than the ranked person you are reporting). D2) Mass RDM is a two week ban, not 30 minutes. D3) I appreciate your honesty here. Conclusion: Take some time to read over the MOTD and watch staff during your sits. You'll learn a lot by the time you reapply. Thank you!
  11. Hi thanks for the suggestion. To answer your fading door and explosives question, explosives are already in the game to combat bunker bases. They are found with the "Explosives Dealer" class. Your vehicle suggestions seems nice, however if you provide a link it would help us view this easier. The final suggestion is a big stretch, and most likely will not happen.
  12. Solution, go to bed. Staff are not required to be on at night, however we do try and hop on as much as possible. I would say to just hop off for the night, sleep, then go on the server during the afternoon when us staff are actively moderating the server. You can always report players using our "Report a Player" section by following the format whilst providing evidence. We are sorry about the inconvenience, however there is no real solution to your issue.
  13. Doctor Hunt


    Is there any ex-staff that still view the forums? You should like, reply if you do cause that's an achievement.
  14. -1 Too young and had many mingy experiences with him in-game.
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