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  1. Meh. It's nice to commend people but I just feel it would turn into a competition to see who gets the most attention. Cool suggestion though.
  2. Juggernauts are easily to kill sorry thank you bye.
  3. No staff are so dumb and stupid since they don't take tickets 24/7 and are volunteering their own time towards the server
  4. Nah, first come first serve for the CC weapons for me.
  5. If your fixing your base, put up a building sign or politely ask the moderator to watch you while you fix your base. It should help you in the long-run.
  6. Hi! Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, no server will ever have the capability of having staff on 24/7. They're people too you know? However, there are two solutions to your problem. One is to create a player report here (with enough evidence): https://forums.xeno.gg/forum/15-report-a-player/ Or to apply for staff here (if you want to get more hands on): https://forums.xeno.gg/forum/7-moderator-applications/ Have a nice day.
  7. I mean, I would just buy it idk. It's not that hard.
  8. +1 Isn't this your 10th time uh I forget.
  9. -1 Plagiarism, this isn't tolerated anywhere.
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