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  1. I think this was suggested before but I'll ask again. For Osama, I think that we should give him a primary since he leads the terrorists and same thing with the Godfather (except mafia of course). Osama would receive an AK and I haven't thought of a gun yet for the Godfather. Some people would argue that this would enable for more RDM to happen, however these jobs must have players vote to gain access to these classes. This is like the PD with Swat Assault and etc. Just a thought I wanted to put out there.
  2. Hello! Thank you for applying to XenoRP. My feedback is below... Pros Well organized application. Fairly honest throughout the application, providing your own opinions on how to handle situations. Cons: You have eight warns at the time of this post and two bans. A7): Are you referring to ULX? I'm confused on what you mean by "administrative addon". C2): NLR timer is two minutes for this server (just in case you didn't know) D1): Don't take your report to the forums. Collect as much evidence as you can as they abuse their powers. After, send the evidence to their higher up. (Admin+) D2) Bans for Mass RDM are 2 weeks. Please specify the punishment times if you plan on editing your application. Therefore, I'm going to have to leave this application with a -1. Thank you for applying!
  3. -1 Like most ex-staff members, you became a minge after you left the staff team.
  4. Just letting you know, you can edit your posts instead of posting a whole new application. This can help us keep organized and have all replies based on ONE post, so if you can edit it when you get the chance, it should be at the bottom of your own post.
  5. +1 Interacted with him today, seemed to have decent knowledge of the rules. Decent application at least. C1) For consecutive RDA's, you can ban for Repeated RDA or just Minge since the player is not really abiding by the server rules at that point. C3) Sitting in the blown up cars is more FailRP (hiding within props too) and scamming is kind of just a different category. However, you are correct with, "...using knowledge your character wouldn't otherwise know" like using keypad codes to raid a base for example. Other than that looks pretty alright.
  6. +1 Nice in-game, can keep a cool head, ex-staff.
  7. I'll just refer you to this post. Have a good day!
  8. Doctor Hunt

    Mass report

    Oh wow, so you blatantly lie because you didn't get your way? I was taking a sit, which was that people thought your base was illegal. I had no take in the harassment against you and was waiting until all the players left to talk to you about the illegal things in your base. I tried talking to you in which you said, "I'm just going to find another server to play on". I waited a bit and then flew off because I thought the situation was done and logged off. I also NEVER brought you to a sit after you rejoined. I left, and never gagged you or banned you. So why lie about things that never happened? I removed the players from the base to try and talk to you, yet you were stubborn because you didn't get your way immediately. I'm not responding after this, so if you have questions talk to me on discord. Have a great day or not, the choice is yours.
  9. Honestly, I can agree that some of the guns for CC's need slight re-adjustment. Most people argue that the DB (Double Barrel) is the most powerful weapon for the CC classes, however I disagree. The main weapon I use is the Browning, which can pretty much one-two shot a player with no armor from quite a distance. It's a really good all around weapon, with high damage and a big mag size. Just wondering, can we get a list of the most powerful CC weapons in your opinion and why? I just want to come up with some ideas on them.
  10. I was on the corner base when I saw the sign. I don't agree with the ban simply because all it said was "Bio is a racist and homophobic admin" or something along those lines. Mandell hadn't said anything racist prior to the ban, meaning this could've been at most put off with a warn and maybe a 10 minute mute (with ofc the removal of the sign). I believe that Bio has full right to do whatever he wants in his sits, however I would've just handled the situation differently. Thank you for reading.
  11. Doctor Hunt


  12. Doctor Hunt


    Congratulations on being my first staff report! Hooray! Just saying, your in-game name prior to this report was bush (something I forgot what it was, I think it was man). I just want to point out a couple things... 1. The first time I killed you, you weapon checked me. This is considered an attack, where I can kill you. 2. The second time I killed you, I mugged you and CONVOY got the final shot. 3. Mike Wheeler didn't take the sit and warn CONVOY, JosephKY did. I talked with Joseph and explained the situation, resulting in us removing the warn (Styles can bear witness). You also lied about dropping the money, in which you only dropped 20k about 50 minutes prior to the mug. I hope you understand the situation that happened. If you have questions, DM me on discord or post them here. Thank you!
  13. Star Wars is good though, you probably just didn't know what was happening.
  14. +1 A good player, knows the rules, former staff. I wouldn't have got up at 3:30AM to try and get evidence for your unban for no reason.
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