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  1. Pros None Cons d2 You need to finish your current sit d1 You should report the staff member when you see them abusing their powers Overall I'm gonna go with a -1 theres to many problems with your application
  2. Pros Active Cons c1 Mass RDM and RDA is a 2 week ban Application seems a little rushed Mingey in game Overall Im gonna go with a -1 it doesnt seem like you know the rules very well
  3. Hi poop thanks for applying! Pros Nice in game Active Ex staff Cons c2 Needs another example Overall I'm gonna give you a +1 I would love to see you on the team!
  4. From what I've seen, on discord and the forums your very problematic, Ive seen you be very toxic in game and you will only cause problems for the team. -1
  5. 1- Just yesterday I seen you had gotten kidnapped and then you started screaming "Its a false advert you spelt it wrong!" Not only do you seem to not know the rules but you have been very toxic to other players. Your not really the type of person anyone would wanna be around
  6. Pro's Nice in game Active Cons C1 you should warn for RDA Your overall a pretty nice person and seem to know the rules I'm gonna go with Neutral
  7. -1 Very low detailed application
  8. Hi toni thanks for applying! Pros Good application Nice in game Cons Nobody can build in the streets even if its just them on Warned recently -1
  9. Hey Dominik, thanks for applying Pros: Ex staff Nice guy Good application Cons None I hope you see you on the team +1
  10. Hey Clatt thanks for applying! Pros Seems to know the rules well Kind in game Cons None Overall its +1 for me
  11. Hey Pablo thank you for replying! Pros Nice in game Cons Nobody can build in the streets Application seems rushed and very low detailed Overall for me its gonna be -1
  12. nemssi

    NO APP

    Hey Adon! Thanks for applying Pros Active in game Seems to know the rules Cons Application seems rushed and not very detailed Has 5 bans Overall -1
  13. Hey thanks for applying Miracle Pros Active Seems to know the rules Cons 5 warns +1 I would like to see you on the team
  14. Hi cheef thanks for replying Pros Seems to know the rules Cons Banned recently Has 13 warns For me its gonna be a Neutral
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