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  1. Thank you for reporting, the player has been warned.
  2. Thank you for reporting. The player has been banned.
  3. Thank you for reporting, The players have been warned for Camera Abuse and Placing Textscreens Outside. Have a nice day!
  4. Thank you for reporting, the player has been warned. Have a nice day!
  5. Sammy<3


    Thank you for reporting. The player has been warned twice for silent raid, as I cannot do anything more without proper evidence.
  6. Sammy<3


    why hasn't this been handled yet Thank you for reporting, the player has been warned!
  7. The player has been banned, thank you for reporting! (He started using slurs as soon as I joined)
  8. I guess I'll join this finally CPU - Ryzen 7 2700x 8-core @3.825 GHZ GPU - RX 580 8GB GDDR5 RAM - Corsair Vengeance Black 16GB 3200 MHz Storage - MP500 and some random hard drives PSU - 460w Cooler Master (almost offbrand lmao) Peripherals- 2 Smart TVs as monitors k55 keyboard Harpoon Mouse Blue Snowball (Black) some onn bookshelf speakers WH-C700N as both desktop and mobile headphones
  9. Coco, man, I love ya, but I just don't think you'd be fit for staff. You're always fun to play with but you can get a tad mingy at times. Although you haven't been warned in about 3 weeks, you still have 24 warns, and 4 bans that are all within the past 4 months. The most recent being RDM in a sit, which really shows how you can react when stressed. I can understand if it wasn't that, but you gotta understand how we see it from our end. Now, let's get to the app itself. It's a tad short, which isn't always bad, but you only vaguely went over c2 and c3, which are pretty important when it comes
  10. I really want to go with a +1, but from what other moderators have posted I have to go with a Neutral. Mod apps looks okay, but is directly ripped from your previous mod app, even down to the little punctuation errors Other than that, I have had very positive experiences with you in game. You are very friendly and extremely helpful in sits, and even called something out before I noticed in one sit. I would like to see you back, but I think you have to try a little harder than copying and pasting old applications.
  11. Mod apps looks pretty good, you are missing a few details but overall everything looks pretty accurate. I don't recall any interactions with you but I do recall seeing you in game, which is probably a good thing, since it means I haven't had any issues with you. I'm going with a +1
  12. Neutral Mod app looks pretty okay, but I've had some in-game experiences with you that I feel are best described as rough, and seeing the arguments you would get in with other staff about fight clubs really do not make me think you are fit for the team.
  13. Sammy<3


    -1 Warned with mod app up
  14. I mostly agree with Andy. You seem really friendly in game and you seem to actively want to help the server, but I can't look past the "rushedness" of this app much. I'm going with a Neutral.
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