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Scrubs new mod apt

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a1) rp name scrubudubdub

Discord outlaw scrub#2843

a2) steam URL https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198880665675/

a3) discord tag Outlaw scrub#2843

 a4) timezone eastern daylight time (Pennsylvania time)

a5) I have I think I have 8 or 9 but none of them are active 

a6) I have been banned before once for nitrp and not listening to staff I feel bad for the not listening to staff on my part i feel i acted poorly in that situation 

a7) I do have prior mod experience and ownership of a minecraft server a previous experience was a mod abusing his powers and un moding my staff I demoted him and banned him immediately 

b1) i want to volunteer so i can stop the madness that does go on when the mods get off i have witnessed it and it isnt pretty mass rdming everywhere prop block and minge fail rp nit rp everything and i would just hate the server go to shit and be unplayable with everyone ruining the dark rp exerience

b2) i think i would make a great addition to the team knowing a lot about the rules myself i could stop most of the chaos that goes on through out the day 

c1) rdm (random deathmatch) is when a player walks up to another player and just kills them for no reason i would warn them if it was there first offense if its there 2nd or first offense i would ban them for 1 week if it was mass rdm killing 3 or more people I would ban for 2 weeks ive already read part of the handbook and know tmod can only ban up to a week unless told by a higher up and cant hold there own sits rda (random arrest) is when a cop goes around just arresting people who havent done anything against the law or rules like say a citizen is building the cop just walks up to them hand cuffs them and arrests them that is a perfect example of rda 

c2) NLR (new life rule) means when u die you can not return for 10 minutes to your death spot and you have to forget everything that happened an example of this is if you pd raid and kill a cop the cop cant make you wanted for murder that would be violating the forget everything part of it another extension of this is when the player is killed and comes back instantly to fight 

c3) metagaming is when u assume the player is gonna do harm to you or something just because of there occupation say a hitman has a hit and you just shoot him because you think he has a hit on you that is meta gaming

d1) if i were to see a higher up abusing there powers to the max  i would report it to the top of the chain like an admin or even the owner gg this game is to easy or phantom 

d2)if i was in a sit and i were to see someone rdming i would pause the sit jail the player rdming and return the sit finish the sit and then deal with the rdm situation

d3) if i were to see 2 players building in the streets assuming they aren't hobos i would first ask them politely ask them to set this up in a base if they didn'tnt move it i would warn both the players for fail rp 


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Seen you active recently

Staff experience (Not On Gmod unfortunately) 

Seems to know the rules



Using a voice changer in-game

A few recent warns


Therefore I'm going with a:Neutral (Until a further notice)

Have A Good Day/Night...


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You've been banned twice, once for the reason you mentioned, and once for mass RDM.
I don't think I've ever personally seen you in game, but from hearing from other staff that you use an annoying voice changer, big no no. Especially if you're trying to hide a young voice.
c1 You would not ban for one RDM. You would warn.
c2 it is only 2 minutes for the basic NLR timer.
c3 Could use a better example, but overall does get the general idea across
d3 Although this is correct, you would warn for building in the streets, not FailRP

Oh, and by the way
Warned with mod app up
Big -1

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