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DoctorWho????'s Trail-Mod Application


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a1) What is your in-game (RP) name? DoctorWho?????

a2) Provide a link to your Steam profile. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198032313350/

a3) What is your Discord Tag? (ie: SomeUser#1234) DoctorWho?????#2127

a4) What timezone are you located in? Central US Time

a5) How many in-game warns do you have? 6

a6) Have you ever been banned? If so, explain why? No

a7) Do you have any prior staffing experience? If so, where?  Yes I was an admin on a rust server

Please answer these questions with your honest opinion.
b1) Why do you want to volunteer for XenoRP? Just to try make the server better in anyway I can

b2) If you were to get accepted, what do you think would make you a good moderator? I would try my best to be a fair and unbiased Mod

Please provide descriptive answers for the following questions:

c1) Define RDM/RDA and describe how players who perform those actions should be punished. RDM is randomly killing someone without a reason/ RDA is RDM but attempted but not committed. The way I would handle it would be to give them a warn or verbal warn and monitor them for a bit to make sure they don't continue to do it

c2) Explain "NLR" and provide examples of instances in which it is violated. NLR is when you die in a location and return there in less than 2 minutes which is against the server rules you are unable to enter that general area for about 2 minutes for example if you are based in Small Slums don't return to Small Slums for 2 min. It is violated when you break before mentioned examples and descriptions 

c3) Define "metagame" and provide examples of its occurrence. When you avoid the rules but not enough to really get in trouble for this. Like for basing Coloring your fences but not materializing them not quite ileagal but still not 100% allowed

Please explain how you would handle each of these situations:
d1) You see a higher up is abusing their powers to the highest severity, how do you react? I would send a forum to the owner and high-up staff to let them deal with it the way they want to.

d2) During a sit, you see someone outside of the sit Mass RDMing. How do you handle the situation? I quickly finish my current sit then bring the RDMIng person to me jail them to avoid running or more killing and question why they were doing it.

d3) Only two other players are online, and they're building in the streets. Tell them that it is not allowed and if they still are building after my verbal warning give them a real warning

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6 warns

c1 - incorrect definition 

c3 - incorrect definition 

d2 - handle the mass rdmer first and then go back to your sit. 



Prior staffing experience 


Overall, I am going to have to go with a -1. 

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