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T-mod application

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a1) What is your in-game (RP) name?
Suprise Adoption

a2) Provide a link to your Steam profile.

a3) What is your Discord Tag? (ie: SomeUser#1234)
Wutinator Version 5000.3#7664

a4) What timezone are you located in?

a5) How many in-game warns do you have?

a6) Have you ever been banned? If so, explain why?

a7) Do you have any prior staffing experience? If so, where?

Please answer these questions with your honest opinion.
b1) Why do you want to volunteer for XenoRP?
for my first staffing experience

b2) If you were to get accepted, what do you think would make you a good moderator?
i have a really good long term memory i can remember the rules well and the ulx commands with time

Please provide descriptive answers for the following questions:

c1) Define RDM/RDA and describe how players who perform those actions should be punished.

RDM is random death match or random murder killing or starting a fight with someone for no reason
RDA Is random arrest its when a police officer or anyone with an arrest baton arrests or places a warrent on someone for no reason

depending on how new they are to gmod in general tell them to read the motd if they already know then for RDM i ask both sides of the story or they would say they did if they say they did warn them RDA is also a warn ask the person who reported what happened and ask the cop what the reason for the arrest was if they cant give one give them a warn

c2) Explain "NLR" and provide examples of instances in which it is violated.
new life rule if you die you cant go where you died at for usually 2-3 minuets violating would be dying during a raid and running back in right after you died to kill the raider

c3) Define "metagame" and provide examples of its occurrence.
metagaming is when you have someone in a call telling you info you shouldn't otherwise know like having a friend in a discord call as a cop and you as a theif them telling you where the cops are

Please explain how you would handle each of these situations:
d1) You see a higher up is abusing their powers to the highest severity, how do you react?
call the highest admin on if were the only ones on report it on the forms

d2) During a sit, you see someone outside of the sit Mass RDMing. How do you handle the situation?
flying down and jailing them then you could ban him/her for 1-2 weeks with sufficient evidence if you dont have enough evidence call a higher up thats on over

d3) Only two other players are online, and they're building in the streets.
delete their buildings and tell them not to if they continue give them a second verbal warning on the third you could warn them

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c1) In your punishment the person could easily lie and say they are new to Gmod.

b2)Go more into depth about why you would be a good mod.

d2)You can check logs for the evidence.



d3) Nice Job handling that situation.

C2)Explained NLR correctly and gave timer.

Haven't seen you active lately in-game .


Therefore i'm going with a Neutral

Have A Good Day/Night...



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