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scrubs new mod apt again...

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a1) my in game in rp name is scrubudubdub

a2) https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198880665675/home

a3) my discord is doctor scrub#2843 i am in the xeno guild

a4) my time zone is Eastern Daylight time

a5) i have 7 but those were all a couple weeks to months ago and i looked and none of them are active

a6) i have not been banned for like 4 months i have been a good boy 

a7) i do have prior experience in a minecraft server thats about it but you know you cant get experience without getting accepted

b1) i want to volenteer for XenoRP because im sick of assholes breaking rules such as rdm, nlr, and propminge and vote kicking doesnt solve anything i wanna be a staff member so i can stop that bullshit in its tracks

b2) i feel i would be a great moderator making a balance in the server telling people from whats right and wrong and overall making the server a great place

c1) rdm  or (random death match) is when a player walks up to another opponent and kills the player with no motives or reason rda (random arrest) is when a cop go's around arresting people who are following the law and arent breaking any rules

c2) NLR (new life rule) is when a player comes back and kils or just well comes back when they die it also states you have to forget what happened before they died

an instance of this is when say you get raided and you die if you come back and kill the players who raided you and you kill them that is NLR

c3) meta gaming is when someone assumes a player is going to commit harm to them just because of there rp an example of this occurrence is say your a hitman with a hit and a player is walking in front of you and happens to look at you and sees that you have a hit and just shoots you because you had a hit and he assumed that you had a hit on you thats metagaming

d1) if i were to see a higher up abusing his powers to the max i would contact another higher up and if they did jack shit i would probable contact the top of the chain aka the owner

d2) if i see someone rdming in the street while im in a sit with someone i would jail the rdmer return to my sit finish said sit return to rdmer deal with him and continue on with my day

d3) if 2 players were on (assuming they arent hobos and if they are they shouldnt be building on the road) if they were building on the streets and they arent hobos i would first ask nicely then if they didnt do that i would warn them for failrp and if it was a hobo building on the road i would do the same


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