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Thats odd not very cash money


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Your In-Game (RP) name: Dak

Player's In-Game (RP) name: Thats Odd and Kristem Stirfry

Player's Steam ID: (Type: ulx copyid "Playername" in console) Thats Odd: 'STEAM_0:1:117856432' Kristem 'STEAM_0:1:99506979'

Describe how the player broke the rules: I was mayor, kristem becomes a cop, walks into jail next to me, teleports thats odd into jail and kills me which demotes me.

Evidence of the player breaking the rules: This video shows Kristem becoming a cop, and locking himself in the jail cell behind me. Keep in mind I have been mayor for like 5 minutes.

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The first video depicts kristem becoming a cop, walking into pd, locking himself into the cell behind me. The next video shows him in the cell back there, you hear the door open, and thats odd comes out and shoots me. When I asked thats odd why he failrpd, his defense was "Your face is FailRP"

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