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Moderator application

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a4)eastern standard




b1)i want to volunteer because i believe it would be fun and enjoyable

b2)equality because i believe i am very honest

c1)rdm means random death match and rda means random arrest, i believe that the player should be either warned or banned depending on the scenario

c2)nlr is new life rule, it is violated if a player goes back to where they died within 2 minutes

c3)metagame is when you look at the chat and us it to your advantage during a raid to find positions of the players inside

d1)you should imediatly report the to the server owners

d2)you jail the mass rdmer and finish the sit you are in and than you either warn or ban the rdmer

d3)you kindly them them to move to a different location and if they refuse you warn them for prop blocking.


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Thoughts and Personal Experiences

I've met you a single time on the server-- I have never seen you before or since. You asked me how to check how much time you have on the server, which I have to imagine was because you wanted to put in a mod application. If you're so unsure you have the requisite hours needed to apply, I'm going to say you probably don't have enough experience with our server to know the rules well enough to be effective staff.

Errors in Application

Just to get this out of the way, this is a very very sloppy application. Not much time has been put into it at all, it's riddled with spelling and grammatical errors, and quite a bit of the content itself is wrong as well.

a2) You aren't in the discord server, one of the basic prerequisites to being a moderator.

b1) This isn't a very good reason to want to be a moderator.

b2) This answer makes very little sense, even in context.

c1) This answer is extremely vague, and doesn't even explain what RDM or RDA are, just says what the acronyms mean. 

c2) Technically true, but more detail is required-- this isn't the only way to break NLR.

c3) This is an example of metagaming, not the definition.

d1) Gather evidence first.

d2) Deal with the Mass RDMer first, then return to your sit.

d3) This answer is vague. What "different location"? 


You have no warns or bans, but that's because you've barely played on the server.


Extremely shoddy application, little playtime, bare-bones understanding of the rules and server policies.


You aren't fit to be staff. You need to put a lot more time and effort into your application, and log a lot more playtime before you should think of applying to be a moderator.

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