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Thief Pickpocketing

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I think it would be a really cool feature if thieves could pickpocket! I know there are other servers with that feature and I was wondering if we could see it come to Xeno!

IMO - Currently, the thief class feels a little underwhelming and unnecessary because the only feature they hold is the ability to lockpick which is already afforded to the terrorists.

I'm probably not the first to make the request and you guys have probably given thought this already and found a good reason not to implement, just take this topic as me adding my name to the pile!


Thanks for taking the time to look at this :3



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I think that this is actually a good idea. I feel like it could replace mugging and would actually be more fun. I think there would need to be a timer of some sorts to keep someone from just running up and doing it randomly over and over.


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