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Impersonation, or similar name? A Late-Night Gauntlet of Frustration

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So I've run across an issue earlier this night, on a fair evening of drinking and bartending, and I was hanging out with a staff moderator that is a good friend of mine, his name is 'Omar', alternate Alias' are Sora or Joestur. I've been playing the server for almost a year now, and always had the name Joseph Joestur. Omar here, being a small bit scummy. Decided: "I'll keep the name for myself." Atleast thats how I interpretated his actions, I had no problem sharing the name 'Joestur' with him, as it was a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure joke, which is an anime we both enjoy. No big deal right? Well, the worst moderator I have met to date. (Sorry for the distaste.) Andy1, is a persistent and hard headed goon. (I reckon I am too.) But she says that I must change my name, I disagree with doing so. As I had orignally had the name. I introduced my fellow, Omar to the server. Even before he became a moderator. Then, he was just 'Sora'. But the mods have a problem with me having a similar name because he lies about us being friends, I have video proof of us playing video games like Arma, and discord message chats as evidence of us being friends. But he says in chat to fellow Admins, Andy1 and Juarez: "I do not know these people, I swear on my life." Yes Omar, or excuse me- 'Joestur'. We will see if you can backup what I have to say with my irrefutable proof.

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First off, ask yourself this. Why couldn't you just comply with the moderators then ask another moderator unrelated to the situation or even an admin about it? You seemed to have decided to go the roughest route possible when dealing with this situation. Server policy 4 states "Staff members reserve the right to use their best judgement when dealing with infractions not mentioned in the MOTD. Do not question their authority." So I feel that instead of taking it as far as it did, communicate or cooperate then speak with another staff member if you feel that you disagree. I am in no way picking a side, but what I am saying is, cooperation makes these things so much easier. You are always free to speak with me, and I can speak with an admin for you, or you can approach one yourself if you feel that something is. or was done wrong.

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Having just woke up with a refreshed head, I agree with what I should have done then, and I agree that I did choose the most difficult, stubborn way to annoy and fight the staff. But really it was a 'nuianciating'  blow that my pride couldn't handle, having had that name since the beginning of the server. I reckon that variable doesn't matter much.

Regardless, am still very upset about that situation that happened last night. But, what're ya gonna do?

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