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a1) What is your in-game (RP) name?

a2) Provide a link to your Steam profile.

a3) What is your Discord Tag? (ie: SomeUser#1234)

a4) What timezone are you located in?

a5) How many in-game warns do you have?

a6) Have you ever been banned? If so, explain why?
I Have Not.

a7) Do you have any prior staffing experience? If so, where?
I do not have any prior experience.

Please answer these questions with your honest opinion.

b1) Why do you want to volunteer for XenoRP?
I joined the sevrer about a month or so ago now and have become friend with a lot of great people and have also seen a lot of no so cool things happening in the time of me
playing such as harassment, nlr, rdm and such when mods aren't online to take care of it and figured I have a lot of free time and would really like with that free time I could try to 
attempt to apply to try and fix this!

b2) If you were to get accepted, what do you think would make you a good moderator?
I wouldn't be biased towards anyone I would listen to both sides to get a firm understanding of the situation. I have a good understanding of the motd and rules. I also have
been told I'm pretty good at keeping the peace.

Please provide descriptive answers for the following questions:

c1) Define RDM/RDA and describe how players who perform those actions should be punished.
RDM (Random Death Match) is killing people with no reason behind it. So if someone was standing next to you and you didn't want them to so you just turn and kill them that 
would be considered rdm. 1-2 Random Kills would be warns after that It would be MRDM which would result in a 2-week ban.

RDA(Random Arrest) is police officer abusing the power and arresting people with no actual reason. An example being if someone is vaping in the street and there is not a law 
stating that vaping is AOS. The punishment for RDA and RDM I believe are the same.

c2) Explain "NLR" and provide examples of instances in which it is violated.
NLR (New Life Rule) is getting killed then returning to then place where you were killed before 120 second time frame is up. A Example would be if a cop were raiding a base
then died in the process and seen that the person that was raiding had illegal items trying to come back again to re-attempt a raid.

c3) Define "metagame" and provide examples of its occurrence.
Metagaming is a playing using information they would not be able to get because they weren't involved in the roleplay. An Example would be if you're swat and you see someone
in the chat getting mugged and the person being mugged gets killed but you didn't see it happen but you seen it in the kill feed and you put a warrant on the person
mugging though you were not around to witness it that would be meta gaming.

Please explain how you would handle each of these situations:
d1) You see a higher up is abusing their powers to the highest severity, how do you react?
I would get video proof of the higher up abusing their powers and message another higher up about the situation.

d2) During a sit, you see someone outside of the sit Mass RDMing. How do you handle the situation?
I would tp the MRDMer into a jail and wait for another staff to handle it if not already handled if not I would pause my current sit and handle the MRDMer then resume the sit I was previously in.

d3) Only two other players are online, and they're building in the streets.
I would let them know that building in the street is not allowed but that if they wanted to build on the sidewalks they could but only as a hobo. If they proceed to keep building in the street I would warn them for doing so.

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Application looks good,


I have only had good interactions with them in-game

No bans

No warns

active in game



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