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[DAY RUINED V2] Master Failrp


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Your In-Game (RP) Name: Jeck

Which staff member are you reporting: Master In Disguise 

Please describe the staff member's unjust behavior: I asked master to go find my tiki doll girlfriend multiple times in voice chat and then in text chat as the hobo king but he refused. This is breaking the rule that hobos must obey the hobo king while in character. He is knowingly refusing to follow this rule despite being a mod.

Please provide any available evidence to back your claims: 


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Hello jeck. I've spoken to both you and master and gotten the full story so far. I believe you were taking things a bit far as hobo king, While I understand your intentions were to "roleplay" I believe constantly asking people to do things for you such as "kiss my feet" or "go fetch this thing for me" isn't as much roleplay as it is abuse of a class. If you were to do this only now and then there wouldn't be a problem, I will not be reprimanding master in disguise for anything as he didn't break the rules due to you abusing your class. If you have any further questions feel free to dm me !Kil!#6321. Have a nice night.

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