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Fuzzydude report

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Your In-Game (RP) name: 

That one Femboy

Player's In-Game (RP) name:


Player's Steam ID: (Type: ulx copyid "Playername" in console)


Describe how the player broke the rules:

guy joined and i said hiii, he seemed friendly and then busted out an AK and killed me abunch before i got annoyed, he said he was allowed to cause ''He pays the owner a lot of money to keep the server running'' and that He's just ''having fun'' even though he caused many people to leave soon after they joined.. then he said that it was all a prank for his youtube channel.. and sent a link a a famous gmod troll who was defiantly not him.   I was tring to get a hold of staff but to no avail, i was just told to report him.. so i just kept recording him and then was trying to keep him from annoying others till eventually- using his Donator privileges, He called20210613160502_1.thumb.jpg.5190845f50c66b1e33938f0139872342.jpg20210613162313_1.thumb.jpg.c3a9667d8eb9463d9dfb59b87fbab0bb.jpg20210613162640_1.thumb.jpg.d9952a12072a118baa4e2eb273ed6def.jpg20210613163528_1.thumb.jpg.912534037f36feca89d2f40b01e8ba95.jpg20210613163522_1.thumb.jpg.509b526ae607c4ce48705050ab308671.jpg20210613163437_1.thumb.jpg.28e0d0b179f4a9fcf247a88fc0a628e7.jpg20210613173356_1.thumb.jpg.d0e0a6f1be7b950673a6087e0d5dd411.jpg a vote kick on me for being Gay and it passed..

Evidence of the player breaking the rules:


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