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DeAndre Sessoms Moderator Application

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In-Game Name: DeAndre Sessoms

Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:120617651

Warns: 0 

Have you Ever been banned if so please say what for. yes, mass rdm, crashing server, mass banning while senior admin, and calling logan retarded

What timezone are you in? PST

Discord Name and Tag(Example: Aaron#1234) Shmourge#3926

Do you have prior staff experience? Yep, im familiar with ULX




Why do you want to staff for VibeRp I like the owners and i like staffing gmod

What do you have to offer as a staff member if you were to be accepted 

I have staffing experience and i know the rules


Please explain the following questions with at least one example;


Explain RDM/Revenge RDM: Randomly killing another player/ killing another player after killing you

Explain an instance of RDA: cop arresting a dude for no real reason

Explain LTAP: leaving from a sit or after breaking the rules to avoid punishment

Explain NLR: New life rule, not returning to where you died or remembering your life before death

Explain and give an instance of MetaGame. Walking by a meth base hearing that bubbly and calling a warrant

If someone has a Space in their name how would you go about bringing them? ULX menu or don't type the space

There are 2 players online excluding you building in the street how would you approach the situation. Let them know they cant and ask them to move then if they don't warn/jail/kick/ban

You see a higher up abusing there powers and banning people for no reason, what do you do? Record proof and submit to owners/ admins


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