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The Rise And Fall Of XenoRP


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Once there was a simple server, once there was group of friends, the groups of friends formed communities, and the communities formed the server. The server was a congregation of a common interest: Dark Role Play. XenoRP was the name of that server. I remember a couple years back me and my friends first spawned in, starting from scratch and building our ways up. We met so many people and made so many good friends, we used to run the Joestur Bar back in the day, but that's long since lost. A prosperous server was done in, from one thing. This one thing killed the server from the inside.

What was it that killed XenoRP? The Staff.

The Staff members, like Askio, Juarez, Andy and Remuchu

These 4 staff members, most well known for their shitty and unfair rulings. Shut this server down through their great power. The entire server lived in peace and prosperity, until the 4 Badmins attacked. These admins weren't always bad, but soon the power got to their heads, and began the crumbling, which led to the eruption that destroyed XenoRP.

Talking about Badmins, there were several new staff members being added on to the server. Great! Everyone likes new staff members to help keep our gameplay healthy! But the new staff members added before the downfall of XenoRP, had only 2 hours of server time! How is the administration of this server gonna hire new staff members that don't even know who plays the server, and how the server runs?

Anyways... Though I cannot list all the events that exactly happened, the culprits are these 4. And to assume even more badmins (with lack of server experience) led to the great fall of XenoRP, is a safe assumption to make. 

Now that the server is long gone, you can see the current state of it right here for when the server finally goes offline: 


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Ha. I remember when this server used to always be filled to the limit with people looking to have fun. Than slowly people just left after shitty moderators continued to be added. It was sad but what could you do. The server is dead now. A relic of a once glorious past.



The angriest mod

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