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Meep Got me Perma banned


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So Meep was perma banned for using a exploit and then he told me that he traded his perma ban for my current 2 week ban (which is now 2) over discord, he talked about how he used a exploit to fire 1200 bullets from any non CC weapon but I spoke to somone who knows why he actually got banned and he used a glitch involving the cars and how u can turn invisible and he according to my source he did it for several days. so then he told me that he snitched on me to zyngas about DDOSing the server and I have a screenshot of him telling me he photo shopped it, im willing to share my screen with Zyngas/phantom for genuine proof.sss.thumb.PNG.c9e95bbf3219b1f17ddea826724d5226.PNGffg.thumb.PNG.87236afd01fb0bac94e4a40b9ce8dbd7.PNG1536650313_Meep(EVIDENCE).thumb.PNG.80d76ff45b7f242ba8f119c9efc75c6b.PNG








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