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  1. I'd like to add evidence, a vouch that I believe this was unfair and extreme as well, and another side-report on Dark. Evidence: https://i.imgur.com/I7trty2.png https://i.imgur.com/5C8qYMw.png While you shouldn't be propclimbing and such, I have never faced even a warn for doing it and have never seen a player get one unless they did it repeatedly. Dark simply physgunned me aside at first so I thought it was fine to stay there, then he randomly jailed me along with Hitler. Other issue: This is not the first issue I've had with Dark either. There are times where he will just be a mod on duty and not take sits. As shown below, he clearly is not taking sits despite being the only mod on duty, yet stops demotes happening. This demote would punish and hopefully dissuade a user who was making multiple false demotes on people. Sits were requested but never taken at all by Dark. Other users have complained about Dark as well. https://i.imgur.com/f1SfgqK.png
  2. Didn't know that trick, thanks. I still feel it should be fixed, isnt vcmod a paid mod? There should be good support for it. For the return thing, the car needs to be close, and its annoying if it gets destroyed far away from the NPC because you need to push it all the way or just wait.
  3. Hi, few issues with cars: People often randomly damage and destroy cars. It doesn't seem like it's logged, and often admins don't do anything to stop it. There needs to be something done to stop this from happening. It is so annoying and should be as severe as RDM given the hassle it is to repair, if not more of a hassle than just respawning after being RDM'd. Any time you spawn a car, even if it was previously full health, its tires will be popped. EVERY time, at least for the VIP cars. It is so annoying that it's better off to just walk to your destination. The repair NPC wont even fix the popped tires so you need to fix them on your own, and you cant even buy the tires as a non car mechanic so you need to swap jobs to a car mechanic to fix it, potentially losing your job slot. Really sucks if a job is full and you lose it cause you had to switch off. If your car is destroyed you need to either wait for it to despawn, or push it all the way back to the repair NPC by using a trick with a prop and the precision tool. Or you can become a repair mechanic and do it yourself, or wait for a rare repair mechanic to do it for you. Which is annoying. All of these reasons combined make cars extremely fucking irritating on this server. A fix needs to occur. It is seriously more annoying than being raided.
  4. Your In-Game (RP) Name: Morgz Mum Which staff member are you reporting: Jimmy Johns Delivery Guy Please describe the staff member's unjust behavior: This isn't an extremely severe case, and is subtle, but I am extremely dissatisfied with how I was treated by a staff member. While he was off-duty, he had no problem acting as if he was on duty, teleporting around to users and such. Which isn't bad in itself, but the buck doesn't stop here. I made various reports on users who were constantly harassing and minging near my base with a building sign, had RDM'd me, and broken NLR and other rules several times. None of these reports were handled, but clearly Jimmy Johns was friends with one of the users I was reporting, and for some reason teleported to them inside my base while the building sign was still up. Since there was a mod nearby, I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask him to do something as he is witnessing this guy inside my base yet again, minging me, but I was promptly told by the mod "Morgz, shut up. Nobody wants to hear you constantly complaining", and nothing was done. He also remained in my base iirc and did not leave until the others left, well-aware of the building sign and my constant attempts to have the others leave my base. I find it extremely unjust that the mod not only did anything about the situation, but helped the other guy in minging and harassing me. At the most, please give him a talking to on how he is treating users because I cannot be the only one that was treated this way by him. I usually don't care but I seriously have never been made so upset by a (test) moderator before. I still have a bitter taste in my mouth from this. He was so oblivious and offensive, even when inside my base and witnessing the harassment this guy was dealing out, yet did nothing and would rather use moderator commands for fun. Please provide any available evidence to back your claims: https://i.imgur.com/vdpxHmc.jpg More proof of how bad this harassment got, all with nothing done about it: https://i.imgur.com/pHucyBz.jpg
  5. Hi, so I noticed a lot of staff either aren't aware of, disagree, or argue over one of the rules in the MOTD, specifically under mayor rules, rule 2: The mayor can be demoted for RP reasons. If the mayor is not acting in the peoples best interest he can be demoted. This rule seems to be very open-ended and open to interpretation. I was just wondering: Is this rule still applicable? What constitutes RP-related and non-RP related in your opinion Along with rp-related and non-RP related, what are bad/good RP reasons to demote And maybe this rule should be modified, it seems to be the subject of a lot of arguing. Or the MOTD can include examples of demotable reasons. Either way, I feel staff need to be informed of this better. I've met some staff that were aware of and defended the ability for citizens to demote, and the other staff either weren't aware of it at all or believe it's not relevant anymore. Thanks.
  6. Sounds good but this will probably lag the server/open up the possibility of people abusing it to lag the server.
  7. My main gripe is that I'm being given the same exact punishment for defending myself as someone who has been RDT'ing several times. I still don't think what I did was wrong and I stand on my decision. Being tased over and over again makes the game completely unplayable. I shouldn't need to just log out and come back at another time when there are on-duty staff. I don't believe that anything I did was sinister; I was not seeking out to RDM these cops as soon as I spawned, but killed them as soon as they went to tase me or after they did indeed tase me. The citizen you mentioned was crossfire. You make it seem like I'm saying I'm some hero for the entire server. I'm not. I'm just defending myself from repetitive harassment by cops because I have exhausted literally all of the other options that I could. There was literally no other way to defend myself from the harassment as hobo. That's part of the issue and the last statement with you not caring is implied. You neglected to ask me for context or even verbally tell me anything, you just jumped straight to a warn. I have never seen any staff member do that, except for you. Even mass rdm'ers get a fair trial before they're banned. In my eyes it is even worse that you had just gotten on and immediately made a moderation decision based off of insufficient context.
  8. Your In-Game (RP) Name: Hong Kong Democracy Now Which staff member are you reporting: UnOfficialCr33pa Please describe the staff member's unjust behavior: I had been being RDT'd along with other people, at least 10 times as a hobo. I had not broken any laws and had no reason to be tased. Nobody online was answering any reports; I waited at least 30 minutes. Votekick and vote demote was not effective on the cops. Aware of the "hobos cannot have weapons" rule, I decided it would be fair to ignore this and only use a gun on the people who were repeatedly tasing me for no reason, and I did so for a while, only killing people who kept tasing me for no reason at all. I was not repeatedly RDM'ing them; I only killed them after they tased me each time, I didn't violate NLR. UnOfficialCr33pa then joins and immediately jails then warns me, before I can even explain myself and not caring about any context. He admitted that he had just joined and had been ignoring the context and any actions before which I feel is unfair and bad moderation technique; listening to context is crucial for making moderation decisions. Even after explaining the situation clearly the warn had not been lifted, and I don't believe he handled the reports against the RDT'ers either. I understand that it's "just a warn" but I'm already on a few warns and I don't want to be banned from a server I just donated to for what I feel is an unfair reason. I feel like I shouldn't be subjected to RDT's and unable to defend myself so I simply aided it by, as I feel it is, responsibly breaking a rule for a good cause. Other people can vouch that these cops were harassing me and others. Please provide any available evidence to back your claims: Evidence can be provided in warn/kill/chat logs. My recording software was not running; I don't have proof myself.
  9. People can already easily minge via radios, tv's, and cinema though?
  10. There should honestly be a requirement. My understanding is admins always have to and mods don't or something like that? If nobody is required that should obviously be reworked. It's absolutely ridiculous when people are going on RDM, RDT, RDA sprees and staff just ignore tickets because they don't have to. Like, why are they even staff? I don't mean to insult staff but seriously if you see the server turning into shit because there's bad eggs out there you shouldn't be ignoring it just because you can. Unless there's reasoning you shouldn't, like if you're basing and don't wanna get raided or something.
  11. About this. The server economy is terrible and $1,000,000 is chump change, let alone $50,000. The armory should give out more; a damn music player costs $60k, more than 1 armory raid.
  12. There should be a minimum playtime on the server to be a cop. There's too many trolls who connect and immediately become cop to get free guns, tasers, and be able to randomly arrest people. Instituting a minimum required playtime would stop letting inexperienced users enforce laws and instead let those familiar with the server, its rules, and how the default laws/mayor's laws work. Maybe being a donator can bypass this restrictment. It's not necessarily just showing that you're familiar with rules and laws, but it also shows that you're dedicated to the server and aren't just there to be a mingebag. I've counted plenty of corrupt cops, more corrupt than good; please consider doing something about cops even if it's not this.
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