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  1. fair point, but with the DB you can one-shot regardless of where you hit, and the spread is insane, as to where you need to get headshots with the dragunov to actually one-tap
  2. ok. so you're agreeing it's pay to win then. we're on the same page. but you're wrong where you say it is a 'limited edition item'. nobody could anticipate that they would stop selling CC's and there was no guarantee that the weapons would always be exclusive to only CC's. frankly CC's should have never been given exclusive weapons, or at least they should have been nerfed prior
  3. Your In-Game (RP) name: Morgz Mum Player's In-Game (RP) name: hwuashfas4 and cringe normie. Player's Steam ID: hwuashfas4 STEAM_0:0:104926949 cringe normie STEAM_0:0:7954581 Describe how the player broke the rules: Both said the n word in chat, but hwuashfas4 took it a step further by either threatening to, or actually DOXing players. Evidence of the player breaking the rules: He changed his name from absjfb to hwuashwhatever:
  4. Let everyone buy vehicle repair parts, and give car mechanic more of a use. A wrench is already given to everyone when they press E on the part. Car mechanic is utterly useless in his current state, especially with the repairman NPC. Or, make car mechanic a merchant and let us pocket repair parts? More healing items than vapes and alcohol Especially, a way for cops to heal themselves better. Maybe an entity in the PD like the healing thing from HL2? Paramedics and combat medic exist, but self-healing is already a mechanic and should be improved upon Add a clock to the GUI or something Convenience, to help with cooldowns and NLR timing Add a notification that appears when the PD armory is ready to be raided again
  5. Please. As a cop I have arrested so many people who shouldn't have been arrested because I didn't notice that the mayor left or changed his jobs. Other cops have arrested me for it as well. It's impossible to notice unless you are constantly paying attention to the jobs list and the law board.
  6. then thats an issue with the economy, not the weapons all weapons should be available for everyone or else it is p2w. regardless you still spawn with these weapons so you do not have to buy the shipments. i consider this a fair edge on the people who have to buy them via shipments.
  7. still think the "ThE cCs PaId FoR It A WhIlE BaCk" thing is a dumb take but ok
  8. Your In-Game (RP) name: Morgz Mum Player's In-Game (RP) name: saintofhouston, saintofuruguay Player's Steam ID: saintofhouston STEAM_0:0:155945925 and saintofuruguay STEAM_0:0:8234676 Describe how the player broke the rules: Extreme transphobia, using transphobic slurs in chat directed at me, even after I asked for them to stop several times. Also saintofurugay ended the night with a homophobic slur. Evidence of the player breaking the rules:
  9. nah you're all good. this should at least be experience for the whole staff team that got confused on the lockdown
  10. that's alright, i wish you answered me in-game and told me that, then i wouldn't have made this. really didnt hit me the right way that i was ignored
  11. Your In-Game (RP) Name: Morgz Mum Which staff member are you reporting: Dead Body/Dead Body Uwu Please describe the staff member's unjust behavior: Randomly ended a lockdown citing that it was "longer than 10 minutes" when it hadn't even been *5* minutes. Upon bringing this up and asking him if he could bring the lockdown back because he was wrong, he simply ignored me and didn't message about it any further. These few minutes were full of multiple assassination attempts so the lockdown wasn't without reason either. Please provide any available evidence to back your claims: Unfortunately my shadowplay fucked up, but I'm hoping the fact that these are still near each other in console is enough to prove that this definitely was *not* 10 minutes. I don't necessarily need any action taken against this. I just want them to be accountable for their actions and not use moderator commands without a good/valid basis to do so.
  12. i hope you are joking, this is such a ridiculous mentality to have on weapons being OP
  13. when like 8 different people were trying to crash the server. also pretty much anytime theres a mass rdm spree, and when you go and report it, people call you a "snitch" even if you're being rdm'd and dont want to be involved.
  14. the server already lags on its own every 10 seconds, this would be an awful addition due to that as there is even more position and angle data that needs to be sent back and forth. you say it wont cause lag but i can assure you that it would with 50 players on, maybe not in a server with only 2 people. this would also open up a whole new can of worms to exploits and glitches as VR is extremely glitchy and collisions arent exact. by that i dont mean hitbox, i mean that a player can literally just lean his head and other body parts into a wall. i dont think that this mod has advanced collision that would prevent that, and if it does, that's even more of a blow to performance as calculating collisions like that with such accuracy is extremely resource intensive. on top of that it would just look weird.
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