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  1. Your In-Game (RP) name: Morgz Mum uwu (not a joke, i added the uwu to it) Player's In-Game (RP) name: MMMHH CHEESE Player's Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:62271158 Describe how the player broke the rules: Was PD raiding, he comes back around 4 times after I killed him and then eventually ends the PD raid by violating NLR another time and killing me. I even gave him extra chances and warned him in VC that he is violating NLR and I would be reporting him if he continued. Evidence of the player breaking the rules: https://i.imgur.com/J7W8yUG.png
  2. This. The reason you should still be warned for other cases where it isn't so obvious is because that will discourage people from lying about crossfire just to RDM. If you can get away with accidentally killing someone, someone with bad intentions can lie and get away with it.
  3. I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not. That's the problem.
  4. Crossfire isn't in the MOTD and technically isn't a thing at all, but there is a very big stigma that it's ok if you shot someone if you advert crossfire. Obviously there are cases where you accidentally shot someone, and need to make it clear that it was an accident and you don't intend other harm. But then there are people who straight-up kill and injure others and than advert "crossfire" to cover it up. I've seen lots of people do this all the time including donors (even CC's). Here's the main issue: I feel like crossfire already is an acceptable and widely understood mechanic in the community. Which is toxic because it's not in the MOTD, which is toxic because it rubs off on staff; I can't even imagine how many people have gotten out of warns for adverting crossfire and were only given verbals. I haven't witnessed much myself, but I've been in situations where someone I'm 99% sure shot me for no reason got only a verbal because they lied in the sit and said it was an accident. The main issue is that staff don't treat it as seriously as it is and serial intentional crossfirers get out of it all the time because of their status. Staff aren't supposed to recognize crossfire at all. But staff are human and staff give the benefit of the doubt. Crossfire adverts should be discouraged to prevent all of this, maybe even made completely against the rules. It injures the server, it manipulates new players in more than one way, it gets people out of warns. It's just stupid. If you pull the trigger you should be responsible for where your bullets land even if it's accidental. Accidental gunshots should be just as bad as ARDM. Period, regardless of any adverts. If you can't safely shoot someone, don't pull the trigger. Of course there should still only be punishment if the victim makes a ticket. But crossfire is annoying as fuck. There is absolutely no way that all of the crossfire adverts I see daily in chat are legit. Even if accidental gunshots are still treated as badly as ARDM, staff should be encouraged to treat situations like this more strictly and not be so sympathetic. Even if some of what I say is wrong, I hope this sparks conversation about crossfire. Because it's bad no matter how you look at it and something needs to be done about it.
  5. ye https://forums.xeno.gg/topic/675-the-marketplace-thread/
  6. The Marketplace thread For selling bases, dupes, services, etc. in-game. As suggested by an admin, I've created this thread to act as a little point of sale. Feel free to advertise your builds, dupes, services, and anything else that is sellable here. Please do not shitpost here. All posts on this thread should be buying or selling posts and not "meta" posts. For sellers: Be sure to detail what you are selling, your asking price, evidence that you have the item(s) that are up for sale, etc. Follow the suggested post format. Or don't, I'm not your father. Suggested post format for sellers: What are you selling?: What are you asking for it?: How should people contact you about this item?: Provide screenshots/videos/evidence of the item: Anything you'd like to add?: For buyers: Be sure to vouch, or complain, about a seller's services to you so other buyers know what to expect. Follow the suggested post format for buyers, or don't: Suggested post format for buyers: What do you want?: How much are you willing to offer?: How can sellers contact you?: Anything you'd like to add?: Good luck with those sales. This thread will hopefully grow, and so will this main post, to keep everything as orderly as possible. I am not responsible for any transactions. If you are scammed, first contact the seller to possibly resolve the issue, then contact an admin and post a complaint about the user here.
  7. I like this idea. I love building bases and I feel I could make good bank off of it. If this is actually a thing, embedding links and attachments should be enabled in the channel. Fair. We will just have to only sell to people we trust to not resell the base.
  8. Setro

    dead server, minge

    Dude, I was on at the same time as you, if not earlier. Things were not that bad and there were a few staff members on as well.
  9. Setro


    I dont know about this. I feel like there's a good reason that staff had in mind when making the "no party" rule for Batman. Furthermore I feel like coordinated batmen working together in a party would be annoying as fuck to any criminals and too powerful. To me it already doesn't make sense that there can be multiple batmen, it would make even less sense for there to be multiple batmen all working together. I feel like if you want to stop crime on that caliber you should just become a cop because 9/10 times batmen dont even use their grapple to stop crimes, and they just use it to dick around. Plus cops have armor (unless batman has armor too? havent donated enough to play him).
  10. Setro

    Law GUI

    Can laws be on the GUI? Other servers do it. Lets you immediately know what laws there are so you don't get juked by cops.
  11. It's not really a server issue, it's DarkRP and the Gmod community as a whole.
  12. The guard and bartender are the most useless, unplayed jobs imo. There should be changes done so people play them more. Guard: Give the guard armor. Because they cannot perform hostile actions, they are essentially non-cop cops, and because their primary goal is to defend a base, it would make sense. Giving criminals armor is bad because of what criminals do. But guards aren't criminals. Perhaps slowly reduce armor if the guard strays far away the base he is protecting. Maybe some marker entity should be used to define where a guard protects. Or, the doors can be coded to serve as that, and if a guard is added to a door, he protects that area. Give the guard special tools and utilities to help guard bases. This isn't as straightforward to do, but it'd be cool as hell, and raise usefulness, of the guard if he was given special tools like hidden cameras, metal detectors entities, movement detectors, scanners, etc, maybe even traps. I know this is possible because I've seen it on other servers. Do you even know how cool this would be??? This might be a pro-guard job feature. Let guard party with people other than merchants and citizens. Seriously. Why can the guard defend any job but can only party with these jobs? It doesn't seem very thought-out. I get the notion that guards shouldn't commit crime but 9 times out of 10 they will be hired in a base that is doing illegal activities openly, in view of them.\ Give guard healing item. Whether thats the medical vape or whatever Bartender: Now bartender isn't actually useless because alcohol heals. But people just switch to them to buy alcohol, when this job can be so much more: Add tap entities. By "taps" I mean real alcohol taps, like the taps/dispensers in bars. Can either have you pay a small fee to dispense, or load it up with shipments Much better than hoarding every possible alcohol type and then selling singles, or buying singles on the fly for customers. Much more "immersive" and "cool". Dispenses a single every use Improve alcohol Remove the chat spam that occurs when drinking every bottle. Remove the annoying fucking alcohol types that use effects that lower your framerate to like 1 FPS. Make alcohol more easily drunken. Currently you have to actually drop the thing from your inventory to drink alcohol. Double-clicking it drops one from your inventory which is cool but kinda unnecessary. Should just be drunken from the inventory. Either make alcohol do more healing and make the drunk effects worse, or make the drunk effects less. Balancing shit. Right now the drunk effect is annoying as hell for how little healing the alcohol does. Add a "milk" drinkable as well if the drunk effect is too bad, maybe? Like in minecraft, it will get rid of the status, in this case, the drunk effect. So drinking milk will remove drunkness effects. Making alcohol an actual bottle item that, when used, applied the effects of the alcohol to you and subtracted 1 from the alcohol on your person would be cool. Perhaps a possible melee weapon too. Up to yall. And that is all. Sorry if this is a little ambitious, just wanted to jot my thoughts down.
  13. I'd say no. I already dislike the fact that CC's have weapons that cannot be bought. Making this available for everyone who is a donor and not just CC's worsens the pay-to-win stuff even more.
  14. Ok can someone please address the deleted comments? It happened again. I have an email to prove it.
  15. Woo. No more cops putting a hit on their own mayor.
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