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  1. It's shoot to kill, and officers are trained and checked if they can shoot worth shit which frequently stops bad shooters from joining the academy. Suspects who are determined to be armed and dangerous are suspects a cop can't take risks on, and not using lethal force can mean even more deaths of fellow officers or random civilians caught in the gunfight due to the shooter themselves.
  2. except that police are advised to open fire on anyone that's confirmed to be a threat, and with anyone with a gun you can't take that chance or you risk dying for nothing
  3. Let's get one thing straight; tasing is a bitch's way out of an actual fight and no actual cop ever does that irl, nor do they attempt an arrest after a suspect fires a shot at them. Tasing and arresting should be viewed as "tasing/baton rushing" and shouldn't be allowed. The moment a criminal damages a cop during a chase, the cop should not be allowed to continue to arrest them and should be forced to switch to their lethal weapons. The taser makes arresting way too easy for policemen and I'd suggest outright removing it if it weren't for the former also being an option. I'm not suggesting realism be vamped up, but this should be a quality of life change. I can guarantee that people will have a far better time if a rule like this gets implemented.
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