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  1. Please do not respond to handled player reports, especially if you have nothing constructive to say or add.
  2. I've investigated the report and spoken with one of the perpetrators. Based on the evidence you've been able to provide, I can only warn the users. They have been warned. Thank you for the report!
  3. Thank you for the report! I will look into this.
  4. Thank you for your report! The users will be warned/banned.
  5. Hi Aaron, thanks for the report! The user has been banned.
  6. That's great to hear! Please use the attached format and put it in the "Moderator Applications" folder on the forums, assuming you meet the listed prerequisites.
  7. Thank you for the report! The player has been banned.
  8. Neutral (Leaning +1) Thoughts and Personal Experiences Haven't seen you much until the last few days, in which you've been pretty active. I've been in a few sits with you and you seem pretty cool. Errors in Application None that I can see, very good application. Pros No warns or bans, active recently, great application. Cons Haven't been active until very recently. Conclusion I think you might make for a good staff member, though I'd like to get to know you a little better.
  9. Neutral (Leaning +1) Thoughts and Personal Experiences Despite your-- let's say, checkered past-- I've actually never had a bad experience with you. You've broken plenty of rules and I've personally warned you many times. However, I think it's obvious you've been making a real effort, and it's been almost two weeks since you were last warned. You're extremely active and you know the rules well. Errors in Application Honestly, none I could find. Some of your punishments could be a little more specific, but it's not a huge deal. I think this is an exceptional application that you put a lot of effort into over the last few days (as I've seen you on and off the forums making this topic several times recently). Pros Knows the rules very well, genuinely cares about the server, hasn't been warned in a couple weeks, great application, really cool person. Cons Absolutely hilarious number of warns and bans, which still weren't that long ago. Conclusion Your bans and warns obviously give me pause, and you certainly have a bit of a history and reputation on Xeno that make me hesitant. That being said, I've spoken to you several times recently, and I think you've been making a real, genuine effort to change your ways. It's been longer than usual since you were last warned for sure. You remain consistently active, haven't been banned for something other than AWarn in a while, and I think you're a genuinely cool person. I wouldn't mind seeing you on the staff team so long as you stay on extremely good behavior and continue to demonstrate that you're trying to change your ways and become a better player.
  10. Neutral Thoughts and Personal Experiences Seen you on maybe once before, nothing much to say. Errors in Application a5) Actually, five times. c1) Mass RDM and Repeated RDM are a little different and have different punishments, and what you described could be either. c2) The NLR timer doesn't apply to raids, you simply cannot come back until the raid is over. You also cannot interact at all with your killer for 120 seconds. Pros Not a bad application in terms of substance. Haven't been banned in a while. Cons Bans are concerning, despite how long ago they were. Only seen you once, and it was very recent. Application is sloppy from a formatting standpoint. Conclusion I think I'd like to see you on a bit more before you should be accepted as a moderator.
  11. -1 Yeah, I agree with Juarez. Not good. Sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the other default classes.
  12. -1 People can barely figure out the current meth system, and these props are way bigger and affect performance. There's nothing wrong with the current meth mod.
  13. -1 Thoughts and Personal Experiences Literally never heard of you before. Errors in Application b1) No dancing around it, this is a terrible reason to want to become a moderator. b2) This doesn't necessarily mean you were good at it. c1) You don't define RDM or RDA, as the question asks you to. Also the punishments are woefully unspecific. c2) Extremely vague. How long can you not go back? How does the rule apply to raids? d1) Don't create a forum post, report directly to the staff member's Admin. d2) Small thing, but moderators can't freeze. You'd have to jail them. Also, how long would you "ban the kid" for? d3) What do you mean by "deal with them accordingly"? Pros No bans. Cons Very sloppy application with a lot of mistakes, extremely low activity, very very very immature name and profile picture that would reflect poorly on our staff team. Warned with app up. Conclusion Given that I've never seen you before, the state of your application, and the fact that your name is literally "ThiccThighsAndKneeHighs", I think you are not fit to be a staff member. You should change your name, become way more active, and learn the rules. Then submit a better application next time.
  14. -1 No mistakes I can see that weren't mentioned by Juarez. You're extremely mingy and don't know the rules well.
  15. -1 Thoughts and Personal Experiences I've seen you maybe once, and you were incredibly toxic. Errors in Application c1) You don't describe any punishments. c2) You don't mention the NLR timer. c3) The "waiting 10 seconds" part is not correct. d1) Collect evidence first. d2) Confusing answer. Pros Active recently, haven't been warned or banned in a while, baseline understanding of the rules. Cons Generally low-quality application with many mistakes, toxicity in-game. Conclusion Based on your attitude and how little effort was put into this application, I don't think you're fit for staff at this time. I'd recommend staying on good behavior and re-applying later on.
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