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  1. -1 No point in doing my usual thing as there is literally no application to critique. Please use the format next time (this is the second time you've been told to do this):
  2. -1 Thoughts and Personal Experiences I've seen you in-game a bit, and you're extremely mingy and have been warned multiple times while this application is up. Errors in Application a5) You were warned today for silent kidnapping. c1) Punishments are extremely vague and not specific. c2) Doesn't mention the raid timer, and definitions are confusing and only cite extreme examples. d1) Don't do anything but record and report to a higher up. d2) The only thing you should do is jail the MRDMer and immediately deal with them. Then go back to your sit. d3)
  3. -1 Thoughts and Personal Experiences I've seen you on a few times, and had some interactions with you-- unfortunately, many of those interactions were in sits because you broke a rule. You also told me last night that you're new to the server and don't know the rules very well yet. However, other than that, you seem pretty nice. Errors in Application a5) Not an error, but worth mentioning that there are several occasions where I personally could have warned you, but didn't because you said you were new. c1) Punishments are extremely vague-- you don't even really say th
  4. I actually like this idea a lot-- I feel like this would encourage a lot of RP interactions and generally make the Godfather and Osama feel a lot more important, as they should.
  5. Neutral (Leaning -1) Thoughts and Personal Experiences Never seen or heard of you before. Apparently this is because you literally just got back on the server, and haven't played since June. I know this because you said it in the Discord (screenshot attached). Errors in Application c2) You don't mention the NLR timer. d1) Don't try to intervene, just record and report to a higher-up. d2) Jail the MRDMer immediately and deal with them, then go back to your original sit. Pros Ex-Staff, seems to know the rules pretty well, pretty decent application. No warn
  6. +1 Thoughts and Personal Experiences I've seen you on a lot recently, and I've had lots of interactions with you-- almost all of them very good! Errors in Application c1) You don't describe the punishments for RDA, nor do you go into any detail about different sorts of RDM/RDA. Pros Very active and well-behaved, great application, firm grasp on the rules. No warns or bans. Cons Honestly, none specifically that I can think of. Conclusion I think you'd make a great addition to the staff team!
  7. -1 Thoughts and Personal Experiences Seen you maybe once or twice, not as much as I'd like. Nothing notable. Errors in Application c1) Did not describe punishments as asked. d1) Do not report on the forums. Gather evidence and report to a higher-up. d2) Deal with the mass RDMer IMMEDIATELY, then return to your sit. d3) You don't need to warn them immediately. Just ask them to remove their props. You only need warn when they refuse to listen, of if they're willfully breaking the rules and disregarding your verbal warnings. Pros Decent application c
  8. Neutral (Leaning -1) Thoughts and Personal Experiences Never seen or heard of you before. Errors in Application a2) This is your Steam ID, not a link to your Steam profile. c1) This answer is confusing. You sort of describe what RDM and RDA are, but you don't say how you'd punish those infractions. c2) Again, this answer is worded confusingly. Also remember that you can't return to a raid at all until it's concluded, if you die. d3) Give them a chance to delete it themselves, and you don't need to warn them immediately. Just explain that they cannot. Pro
  9. -1 Thoughts and Personal Experiences I've seen you a few times. You seemed too mingy for my tastes. Errors in Application Other than the mistakes Juarez listed: c1) Punishments are very off, and you don't go into any nuance about specific kinds of RDM/RDA. c3) This is a bad example because normal players cannot spectate in-game, and there aren't really "teams" like that-- I'd prefer an example that actually applies to DarkRP. d1) Talk to an Admin or the owner, not a senior moderator. Pros You've been active recently. Cons Lots of mi
  10. -1 Not even going to bother with my usual format. You said some extremely and unironically hateful things about the LGBTQ+ community on one of the two times I've seen you, including uses of the f-slur. You justified it by saying they were just "your beliefs" and that you were "a Christian"-- again, completely unironically, I do not believe you were joking and you admitted yourself that you weren't. Completely disregarding the extreme irony and lack of self-awareness needed for a self-proclaimed devout Christian to be so intolerant, multiple members of the staff team are in the LGBTQ+ comm
  11. -1 Thoughts and Personal Experiences Never seen or heard of you before. I waited a few days to respond to this just so I could see if I ever saw you, but several days have passed of me being very active and I still haven't seen you a single time. Errors in Application c1) You don't define RDM or RDA as you were asked to, and your punishments are incredibly vague. c2) You don't talk about how it applies to raids, and you don't specifically mention how long the NLR timer lasts. c3) Still sorta vague and you don't list any specific examples. d1) Don't report on
  12. -1 Thoughts and Personal Experiences Never seen you nor heard of you before. I have no thoughts nor personal experiences with you. Errors in Application a2) This is not a link to your steam profile. a4) This isn't a timezone. a5) You were warned three times, and-- no joke-- every single one of them was today. a7) Didn't even answer this question. b2) The assertion that you're "always on" is debatable. c1) You don't go into detail or describe the punishments as you were asked. c2) Extremely, extremely oversimplified answer that doesn't mention t
  13. Neutral Thoughts and Personal Experiences I've seen you on a few times, but never really interacted with you-- and I'd definitely never seen you before this week. But you at least seem active now. EDIT: I'm not impressed with your attitude in the discord. You insinuated that because no moderators were on at 11 AM, none of us care about the server-- and I'm told by other mods that you were expressing that same sentiment to other players in-game. Errors in Application Genuinely none that I could find, well done! Pros Has been active recently, seems to have a v
  14. Neutral (Leaning -1) Thoughts and Personal Experiences Never seen or heard of you before, and I'm often on at the times you say you are. I have, however, seen plenty of people with the "Officer" moniker on in the last week or so acting pretty mingy. I don't know if you're associated with this group, but it's the best I got. Errors in Application c1) Didn't even mention punishments or go into any nuance about different kinds of RDM/RDA. c2) Did not mention the NLR timer. d1) You should collect evidence and report to people higher-up than the abuser. d2) Deal w
  15. Neutral (Leaning +1) Thoughts and Personal Experiences Haven't seen you on very much, so I don't have many actual thoughts. Though given how often you change your name apparently, I might just not recognize you, so I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt there. Errors in Application b2) I'd love a few more specific qualities you have other than "I don't break the rules". :p c1) Repeated RDM/RDA is a 1-week ban, and Mass RDM/RDA is a 2-week ban. The only RDM/RDA-related punishment that is 5 days is RDM/RDA in a sit. c2) The "five minutes" part is wrong,
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