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  1. Dragon

    Staff report.

    AkaCody getting shot was after and he had to make a sit to get it addressed. While you were on duty.
  2. Dragon

    Staff report.

    As per reference, my brother just got randomly shot and 2 hobos (or other people not sure if they were exactly hobos) were punching people. Remuchu is on duty at the time just ignoring it. He was off duty when mine occurred. But he did nothing to the hobos and the guy shooting people.
  3. Dragon

    Staff report.

    The discord was after the ban. Also "Dragon you are being banned for Mass attempted RDM" is not explaining to me why I was being banned. Also I did say after that "hold on" I then tried turning it on but you did not allow me time to do so. Why was I singled out for something 90% of the server does. Even the staff members.
  4. Dragon

    Staff report.

    Your In-Game (RP) Name: Dragon Which staff member are you reporting: Remuchu Please describe the staff member's unjust behavior: I punched my brother and one of my friends on the server. No one made a ticket on me but Remuchu immediately tp jailed me. As soon as I got tped I typed in chat that I did not have my sound on. So he/she could type it to me or wait a few seconds so I can get my sound on. But he banned me before I was able to turn my sound on. Please provide any available evidence to back your claims:
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