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  1. Thats funny come into the server and check logs youll see he died and then we adverted raid :) then he came back and used his no colide tool
  2. Me and my friends were scouting raid areas on the server when we ran into damien STEAM_0:1:527325140, where we told him his base was a black out base and they arent legal and he said yeah he knows. Well he came out and he attempted to kidnap us as a meth cook so we killed him then we adverted raid and started raiding him. we got inside and ended up killing his friend and thats when he came back and no colided into his base to kill us. Desktop_2021.06.18_-_14.55.41.09.DVR_Trim.mp4 Desktop_2021.06.18_-_14.54.21.08.DVR_Trim.mp4
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