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  1. Your In-Game (RP) Name: Cumbass Which staff member are you reporting: Slick (T-mod) Please describe the staff member's unjust behavior: False warn for RDM resulting in kick, ignoring multiple RDM/RDA inside spawn area Please provide any available evidence to back your claims: I have recordings available for view of everything that happened w/ the initial warn+ him talking to another player who had rdm and rda'd me multiple times without punishment about "making a petition to ban me" but I wont post them until Slick replies, as I'd enjoy catching him in a lie if he chooses to refuse anything I'm accusing him of doing. Includes videos of him not even verbally warning a thief+cop partying together, him watching as I'm kidnapped out of spawn and rdm'd, him ignoring me being rdt'd in spawn and a conversation with the people rdm'ing me about me being a "troll and minge" for following the rules all the while not taking any sits for deaths he has both deathscenes in logs and was offered video evidence for. Please try to dispute this @Slick, we both know that stunsticking for no reason is kos'able and that the other rules broken were purposely ignored as you were using your mic the whole while.
  2. Your In-Game (RP) Name: Cumbass Which staff member are you reporting: CarelessLion Please describe the staff member's unjust behavior: I was rp'ing as a hobo walking through the city and talking to people, one guy drove up to me with his car and I said "nice car can I take a spin, to which he said yes and I hopped in. Not a minute later of trying to drive around I get jailtp'd and the first thing out of his mouth is "I'm warning you for failRP." I asked why and he said that as a hobo I'm not allowed to drive (not in the motd) and that even though I got permission to drive the car from the owner it's failRP and silent carjack. He warned me for 'FailRP(x2)' even though none of this is in the motd. Carjacking is taking the car without permission or killing someone and taking the car, is it not? Owner gave me permission and hopped out leaving the doors unlocked, I feel like this isn't carjack to begin with. Asking him about why i broke a rule that's not in the motd, he re-informed me that I supposedly actually broke 3 laws (FailRP twice and silent carjack [isn't that failrp? so wouldn't i be warned for failrp x3?]) During all of this time, he allowed a mayor to have a law about bugbait being illegal which isn't allowed under the motd and only made him remove it after he told me "go to forums if you have a problem with this" and I asked him about the law again. He told me countless times to "read the motd" when I asked why i was warned and after reading the rules about carjack and the hobo job I asked him where in the motd these rules he's enforcing are and he ignored. I'd like my warn to be removed at minimum, it's unfair that staff can just whim a rule into being when it's not made clear to the player in the rules and apply a penalty for it. Please provide any available evidence to back your claims: I'm not sure how long you keep logs for, but this happened at servertime 23:0something on 9/17. My shadowplay is only on 1 minute so sadly I didn't catch the exchange between myself and the owner of the car. Posting for the 2nd time because someone deleted it for no reason
  3. Feels like it can be very abused by killing someone w/ only one way to get to their base, but if I'm allowed to do it I'll be sure to
  4. Ah, so If I kill someone in a tunnel leading to their base then it's against the rules for them to walk through it?
  5. So I've read through the rules a couple times before posting this here, I wanted to make a staff report but I'd like to make sure that this was against the rules before doing so since every server has different niche rules. I was playing yesterday and Earl (mod) was sitting outside spawn tunnel dropping vapes on the ground as a hitman. I have to pass through this tunnel to get to my base and I know NLR doesn't apply to passing through areas. He was spamming his flashlight on the vapes on the ground and saying "hey there are vapes on the floor" so I picked one up on my way out of spawn after dying and he immediately killed me. I respawned and as I walked through the tunnel to get back to the city/my base I said "oh look a vape" and stopped and stuck one from the floor in my inventory because he was still shining his flashlight on it. I got warned twice, once for failRP and once NLR(x2) and I was legitimately confused, so I read the rules over a couple times and then submitted a ticket (like the motd says to) so that the staff could explain what I did to get myself killed the first time and how I failRP'd broke NLR. After about 5 minutes of no response, I approached earl in rp and asked in voice if he could explain that to me since I didnt understand. He didn't, of course, so I put in another ticket asking if any staff were on and immediately him and yespapa both left the server. Since they've avoided my question could anyone here explain it to me? NLR is meant so that you don't come back knowing anything from the past life and defending a raid going on or come to revenge kill, right? So from my understanding, me walking past the tunnel again and seeing the vape on the floor (mind you, new vape because it dropped from my body when he killed me) wasn't breaking NLR. And how is it fail RP for me to pick up a vape? Thanks to anyone willing to reply, looking forward to discussion. If this is in the wrong section them I'm sorry, couldn't find a better fit. Edit incase anyone's going to check logs:it happened almost exactly 8 hours from when I edited this post, about 3:30AM CST
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