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  1. Pros: Have seen you in game a fair amount, have played with you and you seem like a decent dude Cons: Previous, although old punishments. I'm willing to assume you've changed from what you used to be, although I could always be wrong 0, leaning +1
  2. FlatHamburger

    Mod app

    -1 Pros: Previous staffing on the server Cons: Super mingy, banned many times, rarely see you on, and when I do you are not really RPing.
  3. Hey, sorry you feel this way however you have a few things incorrect. First, I did not RDM you, I had a clear KOS sign, and you walked into my base, so I shot and killed you. Second, I moved the washing machine out of my base, and gave you a chance to delete it, to which you responded by telling me your Z key was broken, however there are other ways to delete the prop. The prop should have never been in my base, and it should have never been outside of your base, and I gave you the chance to delete it, but you instead asked me to. So I issued the warn, and deleted it myself.
  4. -1 Pros: Active Cons: A very large amount of warns Seems like you didnt take your application seriously based on some of the answers Can be mingy at times Wrong answers on app C3 is the wrong definition, and a wrong example C1 You gave no clear punishment B2 That is not a good reason B1 This answer makes me feel like you are not serious about becoming a mod Maybe after a long time passes, come back and try again.
  5. -1 Pros: Prior staffing experience Low warns/No bans Cons: Couple of weird answers C2 Kind of a poor explanation of the meaning of NLR C3 Again, this is a bad example, and a bad definition of metagaming D2 MassRDM will almost always take a higher priority than your sit, meaning instead of checking online mods, just deal with it ASAP From what I have seen you seem rude, and easy to anger, also quick to jump to insults. After touching up on you application, and work on controlling yourself better, after that I think you would make a good moderator.
  6. -1 Pros: Low warn count Prior experience Cons: Plagiarism Short, undetailed app Incorrect answers I feel like you would be too lazy to help out much, it seems like you just wanted to finish this application, and be done with it.
  7. -1 Pros: No bans, low warns Cons: Poor, undetailed app, never seen you before Play on the server, and work on your application, then reapply.
  8. -1 Pros: Some previous mod experience, pretty good app Cons: Never seen you, prolly gonna wanna change that profile picture Play some more, and reapply in 2 weeks.
  9. -1 Pros: No warns, friendly Cons: Doesn't seem to know the rules all that well, small issues with app, I don't see you on all that often. Get on more, learn our rules a little better and touch up on your app, and you'd be golden.
  10. Alright, please provide any evidence here.
  11. Also, just as a sidenote, NED is NOT a moderator, and only raided you two times while you were on the server.
  12. Hey! Sorry you feel this way, however all of the times you were warned for NLR were because you broke NLR. You getting kicked was after reaching the warning threshhold as you were warned 3 times for NLR (twice during my own raid) and another for Revenge RDM as you killed NED as you walked out of spawn after he was leaving the raid at you base. If you could provide some evidence on this, that would be great. -Flat
  13. 0, leaning +1 Pros: Staff experience Cons: Only a little active, issues with app (as stated above) Get on more, and you would have a better chance.
  14. -1 Pros: Put in effort on app Cons: Havent seen you around all that much, wrong app format You are too inactive, get on more, redo your application in 2 weeks, and reapply
  15. -1 Pros: None Cons: Not very active, havent seen you in a while Be more active, and try again soon.
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