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  1. Hi Odd thank you for applying for Trial-Mod Pros: Active, Ex-Staff,Knows rules Cons: None Conclusion: Hello Odd I would think you would be very fit for staff you are very active you know the rules really well and I have not had any problems with you for me it will be a +1 hope to see you on the team Aka your Twin Simon04.
  2. +1 Pros: Active, Knows the rules, Had no problems with you Cons: Had bans Conclusion: I would like to see you on the staff team you seem really fit for staff because you do know the rules +1 for me.
  3. Nah that would not fly and any ways all Custom Classes are not for sale and they wont be for a long time.
  4. -1 Pros: None Cons: Mingey in game/Discord, Not 15 Conclusion: I think you are not ready to be a Mod and I really do not think you are 15 and I think you should wait 2 weeks to Re-Apply.
  5. +1 Pros: Active, Knows the rules, Cons: None Conclusion: Hello, Unknown I would first off like to say that your Mod-App looks good and you clearly know the rules and you are very active and I have had no problems with you at all and you have no warns or bans to me I would like to see you on the, Staff Team you seem fit for it. -Simon04 Senior Moderator
  6. I think the Mayor should not have one because some people like to abuse it and some people who are Mayor might abuse it and just unarrest people and then once people start reporting it they will just take it away again.
  7. -1 I have to agree with Gibby and you also don't know the MOTD that well you started arguing with me about some thing that I already know and your kinda Mingey in game Please Re-Apply in 2 weeks or when you feel ready -Simon04 Senior Moderator
  8. Simon04


    -1 Pros: None Cons: Banned once, Lacking a lot of Grammar, Seems not the right age of Applying Conclusion: Hello, Wildmaniac I am sorry t6o say that I am giving you a -1 because you seem to be not the age for this and how it is worded and you have been banned before so it kinda concerns me and it looks like you did not put any effort into your Mod-App and you are lacking a lot of Grammar so I suggest you should wait 2 weeks and Re-Apply. PS: You cannot Apply for Admin only Moderator. -Simon04 Senior Moderator
  9. -1 Hi there, Blitzs from looking at your T-Mod App it looks like you put little effort into your questions and your lacking grammar and you seem to not know the MOTD that well and I have not seen you at all in game yet so to me I think you should wait 2-weeks and re-apply and just work on the things I went over and I am sorry but for4 e it is a -1 for me. -Simon04 Senior Moderator
  10. +1 I would like to see you back on the Staff team you where a great Mod.
  11. Pros: Active, Have not had any bad experiences with you Cons: None Conclusion: Hi, Coal I would first off like to say that your Mod app looks good and that you are very active on the server and I have not had any bad experiences with you at all and you seem to understand the rules of the server and I would like to see you on the Staff Team I think you are fit for it and for me it is a +1 for me and I hope I see you on the Staff Team. -Simon04
  12. Pros: Active Cons: Mingey, Have had bad experience's with you, Warn's and Ban's concern me Conclusion: Jimbles to me I do not think you are ready to be part of staff because you are very Mingey in game with props and with your Mic and I think you should work on those things but rather than that I am going to have to say -1 for me and I think you should Re-Apply in 2-Weeks. -Simon04
  13. Hi there Pizza there are some things you could fix/edit a1) What is your in-game (RP) name? a2) Provide a link to your Steam profile. a3) What is your Discord Tag? (ie: SomeUser#1234) a4) What timezone are you located in? a5) How many in-game warns do you have? a6) Have you ever been banned? If so, explain why? a7) Do you have any prior staffing experience? If so, where? -Simon04
  14. Due to not enough evidence this case will be closed.
  15. Simon04

    Simon04 Abuse

    Okay I did let him do that one thing because there is a glitch that he showed me with the weed which I am going to put it out there of the attention of the Owners and also we where playing around killing each others and there where others there watching and doing it to and you never complained about it and Actno is a witness to it and also I did not build in the streets that screen shot shows duck and also you kept RDMing me but I did not warn you because you said it was just a joke and a MissClick and Ducks is also a witness to all of it to.
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