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  1. I would like to say that you where propminging with a bunch of bottles outside on the ground and I told you to remove them you never did so I kicked you I also did not tell Salty to claim your doors after you where kicked he claimed them himself you also tried to Attempt Mass rdm so you where banned for that and there where some witnesses like Be1ial and Liz and also salty Adverted and kidnapped you the right way you where being very rude when I tried to explain NLR does not really count for the front of spawn because it would not be fair if you could not walk out and I tried to explain that to you and you got all mad and being very toxic saying repeatedly Nlr,Nlr and it got annoying you still did not remove your bottles and so then you killed me and Be1ial jailed you for attempt Mass rdm so in this case you where being very toxic and breaking a bunch of rules.
  2. +1 Pro's: Ex-Staff, Knows rules, Active Con's: None Overall I have had good experience with you and you also know the rules and I have not seen you minge at all after you resigned and I hope you join the Staff Team.
  3. Hey Scooby thanks for making a suggestion but I don't have to take tickets.
  4. I would just like to say that you and your big group of friends where minging and being quite rude to me Kil and Moo and you kept on camera Spamming after we told you to stop multiple times and you then kept on Prop climbing and you just kept being rude to others and you tried to be a suck up to the 2 S-Mod's saying how much you could pay them to get you demoted and banned from the server.
  5. I just want to say Kil is 100% right with that they would not stop so I got tired of them Minging and them abusing there jobs so I banned them and him and I did say not my problem because if he does not make a ticket it's not really my problem and they just kept on being rude to Me,Kil and Moo so we started to Ban them for abusing there jobs and they started to Mic Spam camera Spam and we got really tired of it and they kept on antagonizing the 3 f us and they kept trying to suck up to Kil and Moo since they are S-Mods saying what do they have to do to get me banned and demoted and to get there friends unbanned.
  6. Hello Blake, Thank you for applying Pro's: Active, Knows rules Con: None Therefore I'm giving you a +1 you are very active you know the rules well hope to see you on the staff team.
  7. Hello, Cog I just want to say I was not abusing my powers most of the people who where saying Cheese where spamming it repeatedly and it got annoying in the jail Cells the Mayor even said to stop and they wouldn't so I muted them so they could not type because it's annoying when some one spams Cheese non stop and also you raided as a Hitman which you can't start raid's only other people can and then you may say assist if your target is in there but you tried to start the raid which is not allowed I yes also did gag and mute the players in the Jail because they where spamming cheese and so I muted them and then they started Mic spamming and being very rude so I gaged them for it also Cog you got very rude with me when I tried to talk to you and correct you about certain things and also cog there was a witness and it was Styles and Rice Cooker they asked me why I muted and gaged them and I told them the valid reason was they where Mic Spamming and Spamming Cheese in the jail cells also tho I would like to say you and you little friends Aidan,Idie and god you guys where being kinda Mingy and you 4 where breaking the rules and being rude to others which was un called for.
  8. -1 Asked for a +1 on your mod app and you get mad real easy when I was trying to do my job and you got kinda rude to others and you seem like you don't know the MOTD that well in game also you got Warned with your Mod app up.
  9. Hello Coal, Thank you for applying your Mod App looks good you have been active a lot in Xeno you know the rules it would be nice to see you on the Staff Team. +1
  10. I have to agree with Gibby no effort and in game you kept throwing bug bait at people to get them warned once they killed you so -1 from me.
  11. Hello Rusty, thank you for applying your Mod App looks great you have Experience of being staff in other server's and you know the rules but I have not seen you on a whole lot so I am giving you a Neutral leaning towards +1
  12. Kamesuki666 thank's for applying but this part of your Mod app concerns me because you just confessed of you owning cheats and I do not like that I have not seen you on at all as well so i am giving you a Fat -1 this Mod App looks very rushed as well.
  13. -1 Warned with Mod App up.
  14. Hello Sidereal, thank you for applying for Mod your Mod App looks great it is also nice to know you are a Ex-Staff member that is great I have seen you in game a lot you are very active and you follow the rules and know them very well, you also get along with others which is nice so over all I would have to say +1 hope to see you on the Staff Team.
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