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  1. Hello, The Name is Sheazu. I am 25 years of age. My current Ingame Roleplay name is Sheazubutt. Here's the link to my steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Sheazubutt/ Discord Tag: Shea#1632 My timezone is EST, though i'm very flexible. I can do almost from 3-6 In the afternoon in the afternoon (my time) to 5-6 in the morning I have no warns. No bans. At all. I do not have any GMOD staff experience, but any experience is learning experience. I have seen through my many hours how staff handle things so I took that as a learning experience. I have a desire to help this server because I can see at times not many people are online. By people I mean staff. At times chaos reigns and one time two cheaters scripting roamed the server for almost 40 minutes without any staff to stop them. Id love to extend some of my time which I have a lot of to pour into this server to help. If I were to be accepted as a Moderator honestly I have loving traits. I always love helping. Any time I can. I'm overly nice, and handle problems with care. RDM - I have a good idea what its about, being Random murder. Being killed without reason or roleplay qualities. Usually done by Minges or by accident, or finally by people who (Rarely) Seek revenge. What i'd do in the scenario, If its brought to my attention Id pull both clients out of rp and try and resolve the reason. If the RDM's persist Ill have to resort to jailing and punish as fit. RDA - Random arrest. This is done by corrupt cops. Or again Minges. The way I'd handle this is go to the client first and hear the reason. If legitimate enough or if the arresting officer continues to arrest Ill unarrest the client and jail the Officer. Either demoting them or warning them NLR - Usually happens when you die in character. There is a time limit of two minutes. Ways that it could be violated, is directly after a raid. When you come back after death and try and retaliate or butt in. Or another way is when you're doing something in char. If you return it would be considered violation of NLR. Metagame - metagame occurs when you know something out of game via (Sound, or being kicked out of a party once you were in the base) And put it into Inchar gameplay. If I were to see a higherup staff abusing their power, I'd probably have to report it to one of the Owners or an even higher up staff. During a sit and if mass RDM is happening in my peripheral vision Instantly without any hesitation id jail the RDM'er to cease the action. Id tend to the matter swiftly as possible so the other players may continue their roleplaying. If two other players are online and I am online as well, Just because there are no other staff on or players doesn't give them the okay to build anywhere. If they're hobo's sure, as rules from typical DarkRP's Only Hobo's may build in the streets.
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