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  1. Pros: Seems like an alright guy Understands the server rules......? Cons: 31 warns...... Has been banned gonna have to work on those ban times, but that will come later if you get accepted Conclusion: Im struggling right now with being able to say you understand the server rules but yet you have a lot of warns and have been banned for exceeding the warn limit. I have seen you on but never really spoke to you before so for the time being until i see more staff comment and i can talk to more staff, im gonna leave you with a neutral.
  2. Pros: Seems like a very likable guy No warns/ Bans Understands the concept of darkrp well Understand the server rules as well Cons: No prior staffing experience in DarkRP (not a big deal, just pointing it out) Conclusion: There wasnt much at all that i didnt like about your application nor you in general. You seem like a great guy and seems like you would be a great addition to the staff team. With your prior staffing experience, I have no problem with that. I was just pointing that out. Anytime you need any help while staffing, please let me or another mod know and we will do our best to assist you. So with that being said im gonna give you a +1 Good luck!
  3. Pros: Seems like a legit application! Understands the server rules decently Has pretty good common sense on how to handle situations Prior staffing experience. Cons: The one warn (not a huge issue however) Seems like you might get pretty mad pretty quickly, so id advise doing your best to keep a calm head on ya when in a sit or whatever. Conclusion: I feel like you could be a great addition to the staff team. Just do your best to be calm and collected during your sits. If you feel like you cannot do so, please call for another staff member to assist you or take over until you can regain your composure. +1 Good luck!!
  4. Perma Ban for attempting to crash the server huh? Thats a definite no from me homie -1
  5. Pros: Prior staff experience No warns No bans Cons: its says to define C1 and C2, did not define either one. The app seems like its been rushed and you didn't really take the time to give any detail. Conclusion: You seem like an alright guy and seem like someone we wouldn't mind having on the staff team but you didn't take the time to complete your application or fully answer the questions and give us enough detail so we know whether or not you know your stuff. Id say go back through and make a better application. As of right now im giving you a -1. But if you can go through, give more detail, ill change to a +1. Edit: So you have fixed it, it looks a lot better. Still some things to be fixed but those are things that you can fix, you can fix them as a T-Mod. So im gonna give you a +1. Hope to see you on the team.
  6. Pros: okay understanding of server rules seems like an okay guy Cons: cant be bothered to even look to see how many warns a good amount of bans C3 is a total wreck and you didnt even go back to fix it or anything App seems really rushed. Didnt give off enough information on really anything. Conclusion: -1 you dont seem like you truly care about getting staff on here due to the fact that you didnt even go and spell check or make sure you put everything in the correct space.
  7. pros: No bans no warns understands the server rules seems like a pretty chill guy Cons: If im being honest i dont think ive ever seen you on. im EST as well but i do normally get on later in the day so that could be the issue A little iffy on your answers you have given for a good bit of the questions but thats just my personal preference on how i would handle the sits. Conclusion: Im gonna be neutral on this because like i said i havent seen you on before. But i will see what others say and decide on my final decision when it comes closer to friday. Good luck!
  8. Very true. But i mean i just see it as being a cooler and more realistic RP experience to be able to watch batman and the joker dukin it out in the streets lol
  9. So seeing the post that Cody made about multiple batman partying together made me think about something. And this may already be a think, i just dont pay attention to the donator jobs because im not a donator lol but what about allowing only one player at a time being batman. But we add like other super heroes like spiderman, superman, iron man, etc and they can all party together to fight crime and stuff like that. Not sure if the owners would be up to the task for adding more jobs but just thought i could bring it up. And hell while were at it, why not add in villains that can help out thieves and other crime jobs if the police are chasing them. I think this would be an amazing thing to add in.
  10. First off id like to say that i love this idea. Honestly about the people reselling, we should make it a rule in the MOTD that reselling bases not made by you is a bannable offence. Im not sure exactly how long the ban would be but i think its reasonable. Maybe we can implement a way to kinda watermark the bases when built and when it is put into another players advanced duplicator it shows something to prove who the original owner of that dupe was. This way someone cant turn around when caught reselling and saying that he made the base himself. Plus there would be evidence on the discord by the player that made it.
  11. Thanks for applying Beast! Pros: No warns No bans Great knowledge of the server rules Knows how to handle situations properly Seems like a great guy Cons: Are there any?? Conclusion: I think you would make a great addition to the staff team. Havent ever seen you on sadly but that is because you said you are on in the mornings and im not. If im being honest i want to say Neutral until i get a chance to talk to you. However im just gonna go ahead and give you a +1. Hopefully i can get a chance to talk to you before getting accepted. Good luck!
  12. Pros: Application looks good seems to have decent knowledge of the rules Seems to be an alright guy all around Cons: Other than the family sharing thing, none Conclusion: In all honesty, im gonna want to look into this before making a decision. if you being banned was a while ago, i might be forgiving cause everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has done something that they regret, however if the family sharing thing is recent and true (which Greg wouldnt have brought this to our attention in the way that he did if it wasnt a concerning matter) then i am going to have to give you a negative reply. As of now i stand Neutral until i see what this is about, i will decide my final decision soon! Edit: After finding out that you are banned on discord, Im changing this to a -1. Sorry
  13. Pros: No warns No bans prior staffing experience Great knowledge of the rules (loved the NLR story lol) never a bad RP experience with you cons: ??? Conclusion: I think you would make a great staff member. ive seen you on a lot and enjoy talking to you! +1 Good luck!
  14. Pros: ummmm, staffing experience? No warns, no bans Cons: doesnt seem like you put in anytime whatsoever for this application, looks way too rushed. You have barely answered any of the questions. Conclusion: -1. if you cant take the time to atleast make a good and detailed application, how can we expect you to be reliable for the server?
  15. Hey ReaL! Thanks for applying! Pros: Good app staffing experience knows the rules well very active Cons: Warns( not a big deal, just pointing them out) None conclusion: I think you would make a great addition to the staff team. +1 Good luck!
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