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  1. Hello here! im a player called Thug Llama, and i got little ideas. We should be able to sell much more M9k weapons from gun dealers/BM dealers, because currently there are 10 Weapons from the heavy gun dealers (The best being the Spas-12, ACR and AK-47, the rest are pretty shit with 20 round mags), there are 2 guns from BM dealers (Dragunov OP and shitty AN-94) and finally the forgotten Light gun dealer (that has some Honey Badgers and P90s with other small weapons). I suggest we add guns such as the Double Barrel, the Barret M82 and many more that i will list here that DO have a reason to be implemented: Assault Rifles : HK-416 SCAR G36 L85 M14 Tar-21 Aug 23 Heavy Guns for heavy gun dealer btw : Ares Strike M60 FG42 PKM Double Barrel (for everybody) Striker-12 (for everybody) Browning auto 5 (for everybody) 1887 Winchesters Dragunov SVU (for everybody) PSG-1 SVT-40 Barret M82 Barret M98B Finally, the small guns : KAC PDW Raging Bull UZI Tommy Gun Bizon MP40 MP5SD (any guns already existing or in the game that are listed above are little errors, im not a robot ) Some will say that "only custom classes can have these weapons." With that said, we currently and i dont think it will come back, cannot get new custom classes. All players should be able to buy strong guns, or maybe let the donators get the dealers job (Like explosive dealers for Freeman Rank). From my personnal view, except getting nice hitman and Pro Thief Jobs + Better bitminers, the higher ranks do not feel that worth it. I am currently a GMan. I think this server is really great, made with love and has a well made staff, but there needs to be more aspects and reasons to buy ranks, such as getting better access to guns for donating. I do take replies, and would love to actually have some, even if its happy or bad comments. Thank you for the time you spent reading this, hope you will not close without thinking twice and changing something You can contact me anytime on Discord im always on - Thug Llama
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