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  1. Maybe try balancing the number of votes required to pass based on how many cops are already about. With no police its near to impossible to be the first. Then when a group gets in its easy as hell to become a cop. Frustrating at one end, too easy at the other. Peace and love, Gene Bessette
  2. Remove the vote to become police officer. Hitmen, theives running rampant. All voting no for Police. I bet this job is hardly used unless there is a tyrant mayor. Remove the vote and you will see a safer, much more exciting Downtown with more police around. You might see a small uptick in RDA, RDM etc. But the result of having one of your key roles being used regularly will be well worth it. Peace and love, Gene Bessette
  3. This is a necessity. Changing my job title allows for so much more RP scenarios. Its as simple as: "Alcoholic", "Hippie", " Priest", "Therapist", "Down - syndrome", "Mad scientist", "Protester". You don't need bespoke classes. Just let me change the goddamn title. Not allowing this for all players does not add anything to the server. It only takes away exciting roleplaying oportunities. This isn't a difficult change either. Peace and love, Gene Bessette
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