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Hello, I’m Epic!

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Hi 👋 my name is EpicGamerThatIsCool. I’ve been a trail mod on Xeno for bout 2 weeks atm. You have probably seen me on. I no longer RP I just staff lol. I’m a big dumb because I did !checkrank (do not do !checkrank) (it does very bad). I’m too obsessed with staffing. I literally get home from school and staff Lel. I also staff lots on weekends and I like to be the late night mod. Enough about staffing. I’m an epic gamer that is cool. I game epically. I am cool... I think... nvm it’s a fact. I’m very cool. I might RP more when I get my donator rank back but for know. Ima not end my addiction. Plz leave what you think about me in the replies. I’m much of the curious. Have you had a good history with me? Am I a good mod? Am I annoying? Plz let me know. Thx fellow epic gamers! (Cringe level=0)


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