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So another thing is that my sign was offensive i get most of mine but this one just kinda doesn't make sense 

it said "Donate if Racist, Homophobic, Trasphobic, Etc" and this was somehow breaking social rule one this sign did not break any rules 

It did not promote, say anything offensive, or insinuate harm onto a group of people all it was stating was "donate if you are these things"

So if i could possibly have some sort of conversation to a mod, admin, etc on perhaps a discord call so i could explain better would be 


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Ex.Staff here, The sign may not have been directly insinuating anything however, it is promoting those things by having it up and it could be taken as socially un-acceptable, Same as if i was to put a sign saying "donate if retarded" (apologies) itd still be wrong, i may not be directly attacking them, however its still towards those people,

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