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  1. I still think mero should be warned for NLR due to his blackmailing of a report
  2. could i know what materials were not allowed? just for next time yk
  3. A photo showing that I said wrong bind before I died I would of survived the raid and fought in it if you read what i said and realized my advert wasn't a part of the RP After this you said i did not say wrong bind My base is dark but my doors and floor are distinguishable from the walls and you can therefore see the dimensions of the room I could understand how it could seem completely blacked out however. Below is a video of mero doing FailRP by blackmailing me to not get banned Desktop 2021.06.18 -
  4. He False Votekicked me and my friend after we killed him in a KOS base, he made me lose a few mil because i had printers/miners full of money. please ban this kid he is so goddamn annoying
  5. d a m i e n


    jacob270 is mrdming and the t mod is either afk or not doing anything
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