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  1. Wonder if it could be made that the more pd there are online the higher the chances of getting better guns as well. Would be a cool interaction.
  2. So its ok to have cc's running around with double barrels from 2 years ago consistantly ruining the server for everyone else. Considering even as a donator you can't get any special guns how is that fair. Fake is though the only people trying to stop something such as a vip gun dealers are the cc's. Also when you say just shoot better its a little hard when you get mugged by someone with a db and the millisecond you move or pull a gun out you're dead because its a 1 hit.
  3. All of you defending the db is like saying you're ok with new people getting shit on because of a weapon they're 2 years too late to get. I love getting mugged by a cc with a db and having nothing I can do unless they miss somehow. Same with raiding their bases they have trigger windows and open it for .1 seconds for a 1 hit kill. So assuming you're saying you only want cc'd to have the db and all the other guns you're just saying its ok for everyone else but a select few to have actual good guns. This is why a vip gun dealer was requested was because having a select few with guns multiple times as powerful as anything a normal donator can get is unfair. So if you can't even donate for good guns then what.
  4. Umm idk anything about a perma ban considering I'm still on the server and was never banned. Kind of confused on that part xd
  5. Can you define the rules in the motd or something because he was tp'd after it was blocked off which should then be considered tping someone into a base. Whether the intention was there or not it should be a command for getting somewhere faster. However I don't believe the situation was right where he tp'd them in a closed off area of our base was a fair way to start a raid. Anyways I hope some new rules can be added thx
  6. Where are you finding these rules about the tpaccept because its not in the motd. Are we making up rules or is it somewhere not easily accessible.
  7. euria

    Moot Failrp

    You were standing on the other side of the wall waiting for someone to walk in we could see your feet. Anyways the rule is "Once you’ve successfully completed your raid by either stealing or destroying all the entities in the base, you must leave immediately, and you must advert Raid Over. You cannot occupy players’ bases." Which is why what you did wasn't allowed. You had destroyed all entities and you were just occupying the base as long as you could for another kill. I'm if someone really cared enough they could see you were back past the fading doors after destroying entities waiting. Not like it matters I doubt that would happen.
  8. When I had started to build the walls on the back you were not in the area. You only ran into the area when I started building it even though for mega bases you own the entire two tunnels connection the area. You were asked plenty of times to leave the area and you refused so you ended up getting prop blocked in. By the time it was all blocked off that was then considered part of our base which you said when opened was then part of our base. "One of your members then decided to delete the prop that was propblocking us and then killed me in a mug, which was completely allowed. Since your propblocked area was fixed and your kos sign was up, you were then allowed to kill us." Which means that when we had closed the other way off that closed off part you were in was part of our base you allowed Daddy Hobo to teleport into with the intent to raid which you claim is not the case but is what happened. "I told you guys many times to get rid of the prop blocked area. I'm sure you weren't there to hear it because you decided to kill yourself with a bind, but your friends certainly did." You say this and knowingly say I wasn't there to hear because I killed myself. "I'm sure you weren't there to hear it because you decided to kill yourself". With this part and having your friend teleported into our base you knew that this would be an easier raid as you let them teleport in. "I would also like to reiterate to any mods or admins viewing this, I never even raided this man." I have also said that you said this many times that you never adverted raid so I don't know why you're still bring up this point. "I would ALSO like to reiterate a rule for everyone reading this, if your kos sign says "KOS Inside", and its a megabase, it means kos inside your props. You are not allowed to then go up to someone outside your props and then propblock them inside your base. You would need to fix the propblock before your kos sign is legal again." Also like I said I was building before you ran in there and said I wasn't allowed to do anything to you about it. So you stayed there and allowed yourself to get prop blocked in knowing full well you let Daddy Hobo teleport into the base which he then adverted raid and killed and destroyed our stuff. Also claiming that if its not inside your props you aren't allowed to kill them is like saying when mega basing anyone inside the tunnel you have a kos sign for his rdm. Its still your property. Props have nothing to do with whats considered property. Also as far as the motd I couldn't find a single rule relating to the !tpaccept command Also please don't close this discussion because its not toxic and I would like to talk with people.
  9. This report goes well with the report on Staple in the moderator report section. They are the same incident just in two different forum posts as one is a Senior Moderator and one is a player.
  10. Your In-Game (RP) name: ^^Euria Player's In-Game (RP) name: Daddy Hobo Player's Steam ID: (Type: ulx copyid "Playername" in console) STEAM_0:1:90852905 Describe how the player broke the rules: The player Daddy Hobo used his friend Staple a Senior Moderator to tpaccept into a mega base we were building. We decided to build the other tunnel out because of the tnt being set off repeatedly on it. As I started building Staple ran into the area and refused to leave even though I asked and I was building. He said I wasn't allowed to kill him because I was building around him. After giving him many chances to leave he decided he didn't want to so I ended up closing it off. He then lets Daddy Hobo teleport to him after it was built and now inside our base using the tpaccept command. Once they got him in he adverted raid and killed us all as we were opening the tunnel from the inside not knowing that Staple had let Daddy Hobo teleport to him inside our base. Evidence of the player breaking the rules: I have no video evidence but words straight from Staples mouth of what he is admitting to doing. He says he has a video of the entire situation but of course he doesn't have to prove himself guilty is what I was told thats my job to do it, but if hes so confident of his video it would prove himself innocent. And if its a demo its a 20 second job to even just get the demo from his gmod folder and post it on the discord. At that point anyone can put it in their gmod folder to watch or I could even just upload it to youtube myself. Abuse 3 shows Staple throwing Daddy Hobo under the bus by allowing him to tp to him and advert raid inside our base. Abuse shows where Staple admits allowing Daddy Hobo to teleport to him in an "illegal prop blocked area" also inside our base. Abuse2 Shows Staple again saying he didn't raid us but allowed Daddy Hobo to by teleporting into our base. Abuse4 shows me saying to Staple you refused to leave and let me build while never denying those facts and not as a senior moderator warning me or doing anything about the situation to correct it if I am in the wrong for trapping him in there for a minute until the inside wall was deleted and he then teleported a friend to raid us into the base. He also admits to having the video which should show me saying on mic asking him to leave that is if he wants to release it to prove himself innocent.
  11. If using the !tpaccept command is not against the rules because Staple said its not in the motd so its not against the rules I will from now on use this command to do mass raids into peoples bases with no chance of them being able to win. This report goes with the Daddy Hobo report in the player report section as they were the same incident but one is a Senior Moderator and one is a player.
  12. Your In-Game (RP) Name: ^^Euria Which staff member are you reporting: Staple Please describe the staff member's unjust behavior: While building for the mega base we had Staple decided to run into the area I was blocking off and refused to leave. Both tunnels are considered part of the mega base but he said I wasn't allowed to do anything to him because I was "building around him". I decided to build anyways without getting a warn or anything nor did he care that I was doing it. So I let him stay in the tunnel stuck since he didn't want anything to happen to him. After getting back into the base and deleting the part that was blocking him in from the inner side of the tunnel he had !tpaccept 'd people into the tunnel. While inside the tunnel part of our base when it became unblocked we were greeted with !tpaccept 'd people to do /advert Raid and kill us all. He admits to having tpaccept 'd a regular player into an illegal prop blocked area as he says which was part of our base at the time. Please provide any available evidence to back your claims: The photo named antagonizing is just for the reason of the staff report. He requested it in the discord multiple times just to try and annoy me so he got his way. Abuse4 shows where he says that we had a kos sign up which we did but we were building up defenses up in the tunnel from the side where the entrance is not. It was still in the tunnel which is area you're allowed to build in for a mega base. He did refuse to leave the tunnel area where I was building and told me there was nothing I could do about it because it. I decided to build it anyways which trapped him inside our base for the mean time. He didn't leave like asked and I'm not about to go and kill a moderator when they say I can't. He did let me build and I do not have a warn for prop blocking so I can only assume it was part of his plan to abuse !tpaccept. Abuse4 is probably the most important because its where he admits he has a video of what happened during the entire situation. I don't demo everything I do so if you really want to see the whole situation you'd have to ask him for it even though I guess its not his job to prove himself guilty. But you can also say if hes so confident about this demo proving his innocence I don't know why he would say he has it then not give it to me. Its a matter of going into the gmod folder and posting the demo itself into the discord and can be done in a matter of seconds. Abuse3 shows that he says he didn't advert raid and wasn't apart of it and advising me it that of a waste of time to try and report him Abuse2 shows that although he wasn't the one who got tp'd in he did use the command to help his friends get inside to raid. It also shows him again asking for the title of this report and just trying to annoy me. He also admits again he was prop blocked inside but no admin action was taken to warn me or stop me even though he is a senior moderator. Abuse is the best yet because it shows him saying his friend Daddy Hobo requested a tp into the illegal prop block area and he accepted it. He isn't a moderator or anyone to resolve the "propblock issue" as his only defense.
  13. euria

    Moot Failrp

    Your In-Game (RP) Name: ^^Euria Which staff member are you reporting: moot Please describe the staff member's unjust behavior: Standing in base after killing everyone and destroying all entities on property waiting for someone to come in to shoot them. Just was waiting to kill someone which is pretty annoying. You can also see how much further up papa and earl left and that after he waited for someone to come back he instantly said false/over. After being called out on it he had nothing to say and for the other moderators in the server they told me to make a staff report. Please provide any available evidence to back your claims: Once you’ve successfully completed your raid by either stealing or destroying all the entities in the base, you must leave immediately, and you must advert Raid Over. You cannot occupy players’ bases. moot killed ^^Euria using m9k_dbarrel [Advert] moot: <hsv>this is me taking a temporary break from a hate crime (OVER/FALSE)</hsv>
  14. +1 would be a good way to waste the billions of dollars in the economy if the prices are set properly
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