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  1. -1 Broke the rules because "I'm done with the server". Not staff material
  2. Kil

    Mojo Report

    Player has been banned. Thank you for the report.
  3. Hello Dankbreath, I have talked to the mod in question and we have discussed the situation. you were not in the wrong and I apologize for any misunderstandings or mistakes that have occurred while you were on the server. If you have any questions feel free to DM me on discord my tag is !Kil!#6536.
  4. Denied Shitpost mod app
  5. Denied Your previous bans give us some concern's towards your ability to staff.
  6. Denied. Joke mod application.
  7. Kil

    Remuchu biased

    This is a old report being brought up for no reason. Handled in the past
  8. -1. You left on a pretty bad note in my opinion. You abused your powers as mod in discord by muting and defeaning a player in the discord simply for asking questions, You also were really hostile/aggressive towards players when talking to them in game by never letting them speak in sits. you also ignored our staff procedure's multiple times. and in our staff announcements you ignored some guidelines we had set. I think you should take some time before reapplying because I do not believe that you're fit for staff. Other than that your application is pretty good you know the rules pretty decentl
  9. -1. I've only seen you once but I think you should get some more hours on the server before applying. you also plagiarized your part of metagame. also on d1 you would post it to youtube unlisted and then send it to a admin/owner
  10. +1. I've seen you in game in discord and on the forums pretty actively. on d3 there's a small spelling mistake but nothing huge. also on d1 you would instead of posting to the forums you would post it to youtube unlisted and then dm it to either one of the admins or owners. your ban was from 2019 so not a huge deal. Lastly you're behavior in game is pretty good, honestly I like you a lot and I think you're a good guy overall I would like to see you on the staff team.
  11. Kil


    -1. I have only seen you on a very few handful of times you also have a mountain full of warns some from not even that long ago. you're also banned in game.
  12. Kil

    Reporting UNgg FNN

    Handled in game. Thank you for the report
  13. Neutral. I've seen you in game but not very often I believe you should try to get some more hours on the server before applying to get a familiarity with the rules. Other than that your application could use some work including on C1 you forgot the explanation of RDA and it's punishment, on d3 no one can build in the street even if it is a hobo as hobo's can only build on sidewalks.
  14. +1 I've talked to waltz and he said even if his server does come back up he will definitely stay as staff. As someone who know waltz when they were staff I do have to say they were a pretty amazing staff member and knew the rules very well and never had problems with them. Mod app looks pretty great and in game behavior is nothing but good including making sits with valid proof and being a helping hand.
  15. Num's I had defended you multiple times before hand on multiple occasions. Not only have you been a nuisance to the staff team by not only harassing and insulting them in discord and in game. I gave you benefit of the doubt before but after witnessing it again and again I don't believe that I should give you that benefit. You've shown that you're irresponsible immature and not a decent enough person to just listen to people and instead you argue and argue and demand mods do what you want otherwise it's staff being shitty lazy or abusive. I wasn't banning people for criticizing me I was banning
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