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  1. Suspended We would like to see a bit more activity from you.
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1708101642
  3. -1 in game I've seen you minge a good bit you're funny but you still break the rules
  4. 0 Evidence has been supplied and no one was in the wrong. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to dm me !Kil!#6536. Moved to handled.
  5. I don't ever remember you telling either of us that you had proof of anything that happened if you did I apologize as there was a lot of people submitting tickets and people crowding us at the time we had a lot of tickets but not a lot of mods at the time.
  6. -1 Since today you've shown me that if someone else breaks the rules you're willing to do it as well. You propclimbed into a sit just for a mods attention instead of waiting your turn.
  7. Hi Astroboy, So I would like to start this off with the fact I had joined the server to roleplay I was running around talking to people saying hello and chatting around I had most of my audio off and had spotify on listening to music I also have ticket's turned off since I was trying to roleplay every now and then if something happened I would handle it fast and return to RP. I didn't allow anything to just happen I usually handled it if I saw it also your way of "solving it" was to propclimb into a sit where I was handling people micspamming propclimbing and minging so I threw you into the ja
  8. Disallowing it will mean that getting a black market dealer to sell to you would be hard cause no one ever plays as the class even when self supply wasn't allowed
  9. User has been warned thank you for the report. Also please follow the format next time
  10. Hello gilly, I looked over the situation talked to derpza about it and got his side and I have come to the conclusion of your ban was not false for the reason of you were shooting people in the street, While it may not have been on purpose you still did it and damaged quite a few people. Derpza also said that he did in fact tell you why you were being banned and what for. If you would like to appeal your ban feel free to go to xenorp.com/bans sign in and create a appeal. Derpza was in the right here and will not receive any punishment.
  11. -1 last time you were staff you made a really irresponsible decisions and I don't think you're currently fit for staff, I have also seen very little activity from you.
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