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  1. Kil


    IMO this seems like a bad idea allowing a person to "puge' is just a excuse to go mass rdming and ruining peoples fun and the extra player models seems too extra also having people who are auto KOS to each other is a bad idea and would allow someone to kill people who are leaving spawn or allow someone to leave spawn and instantly kill people. Overall this idea seems a little bit too extra
  2. For the people who are coming to reply please do not if you are not directly involved in the situation, if do you will receive a forums warning.
  3. Kil

    3rd coming of Brent

    I want this thread to not exist
  4. Personally, Mine was when it was a really calm night no mods on but no rdm no tickets very chill and then 25 people joined at once and it was a twitch streamer raid was mass chaos and so much mayhem in the matter of a minute terrible time they eventually left after a group decided to spawn kill them
  5. The only problem i see is it being disabled cause someone went afk on the class or they refuse to fix your cars etc etc too many problems IMO also car mechanic class has a 100% vehicle repair which repairs the engine so you don't have to wait in spawn for 75s when your engine is destroyed but at the same time I feel that it shouldn't be removed/disabled. -1
  6. Kil

    Cool Bathrooms

    Post your cool bathroom pics (no gross shit please ty)
  7. @gothram in my opinion this is a well deserved ban if your just gonna act that way you dont need to be in discord
  8. Well whaf did you do and whats your discord name and id?
  9. Deltron 3030 | Mastermind Pouya | Suicidal Thoughts In The Back Of The Cadillac Pt. 2 Pouya | 50 reasons why Plini | THE END OF EVERYTHING Skee-Lo | I wish cleopatrick | Hometown Private Island | Dissolve j^p^n | Bloom Mick Gordon | Rip & Tear Bobby Caldwell | What You Won't Do For Love wide variety
  10. Your In-Game (RP) Name:Kil Which staff member are you reporting:Imacreeper007 Please describe the staff member's unjust behavior: Physgunning me and preventing me from leaving a base resulting in me dying Please provide any available evidence to back your claims: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Lo_Z8xPMcQ
  11. Kil

    Report on Moo

    Not really sure how to reply other than i was banning a guy for mass rdm and had jailed the mass rdmer and you got jailed I heard you being annoying and interrupting the sit so i assumed she jailed you for that and after i had banned the mass rdmer moo and i were walking away and you got unjailed within a minute or so
  12. you deserve a 3 point warning
  13. -1 Just last night you were minging and you haven't stopped if you truly wanna be a staff member you have to stop minging
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