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  1. as for knives they can be cool but really just a meh addon
  2. This thread has no relevance let it die
  3. -1 After watching you in game for a while you still have problems with being mingey and toxic the other day when a player was complaining about your base you made baby noises and mocked the player
  4. Bitminer's aren't lagging the server
  5. Adding this so everyone stops. If you're not involved directly with this report please do not reply I will be handing out warning's if this continues
  6. -1, after having multiple experiences with you, you've done a lot of things that have made me question if you're fit for staff the following is my experiences with you, Saturday you were elo boosting with another player and when i had told you to stop you tried arguing saying there's no rules against it and that its not your fault he kept resigning over and over again when you knew he was going to do it also the same day I saw you being toxic towards another player who was being toxic as well but you were screaming at each other for almost no reason. out of all the time I've seen you on the server it's been nothing but bad experience one after another
  7. Kil

    Report on Kil

    Just adding this real quick my mic didn't pick up when i said to please stop/go away
  8. Kil

    Report on Kil

    If my mic was not picked up then I apologize but since there was no indication that it wasn't working there's not much I can really do I apologize if it wasn't clear to you
  9. Kil

    Report on Kil

    he was punching me and something ^
  10. Kil

    Report on Kil

    No one else has had problems hearing me so I don't know if maybe you just didn't hear me or something else
  11. Kil

    Report on Kil

    Hi I'm going to be giving the situation from my POV I was taking tickets when I had received a ticket from CVS saying something along the lines of can I talk to someone about my friend being unbanned I tp'd over and so did something I was talking to something about which one of us was gonna handle the ticket cause something had banned the player who CVS was talking about and then i turned over to CVS and cause I was about to ask him who his friend was and then Agent and Ben had run over and started punching us and so I phygunned you both and pushed you away saying please stop and thought nothing about it for a few seconds and then turned to tell something to bring CVS to a roof so we can finish our sit till you came right back and kept punching me this time I phygunned you and jailed you turned to something and let something finish the sit and then flew over and said I'm gonna warn you for Interrupting sit cause I had told you to stop then warned you for it
  12. +1, Mod app seem's good just a few grammar mistakes nothing huge in game you're very chill and friendly I've had 0 problems with you in game and had nothing but pleasant interactions would love to see you on the team
  13. -1 Without adding onto what everyone else is saying just now as im writing this you are being toxic to other players and insulting other players
  14. Just gonna give my input because i was involved, you guys were grouping around the mod spamming camera's shooting people being loud and obnoxious and not roleplaying at all you guys were repeatedly told to not abuse your jobs and go roleplay and when you didn't we forcefully demoted you and when ya'll continued we decided to start banning people who were continuing to minge and not roleplay
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