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  1. Kil


    Well for one i wasnt in god mode lol mods dont have access to the command and you can only get it if your mod on duty 2nd i banned most of the kids for breaking nlr rdming and not actually rping I was kind enough to not ban you even though you broke nlr more than 5 times
  2. Kil

    Player Report

    I literally had just got on the server to drive my car run around raid bases and make some cheap money I had banned other people and given people warning i was doing my job but I didn't wanna have to keep going on and on its annoying and something i shouldn't be forced to do when i have the choice of not being on duty 24/7
  3. just to add it doesn't lower your fps it just looks like it also with the guard part and metal detectors why not just give him a weapon checker?
  4. -1 Has 18 warns not 9 2 bans for reaching warning threshold limit most of my interactions with you in game have been negative and you arguing with staff makes me feel uncomfortable with you being on the team
  5. -1 Mingey in discord you had shitposter in discord I banned you for joining a chat and earraping you had 0 intent on actually having a conversation I rarely see you active in game anymore and if I do you're usually doing something mingey
  6. +1 Since you've come back its only been good interactions you've become active again and your mod app is good
  7. Neutral Your answer for d3 c3 worries me a bit you have your app is decent I've seen you in game a couple times and your a very nice person in game
  8. Kil

    Ness' Mod app :O

    -1 While your mod application is good your past worries me and so does your discord activity, You're very mingey in discord and your very immature in game.
  9. Neutral While your application is really good your playtime worries me I've seen you in game once or twice
  10. its a weird thing that happens just relog or ignore it
  11. Concerining the police subject first, As a cop as soon as the pd raid activates they get a alert saying the PD armory is being robbed. It does show that so there is a notification people just dont pay attention. And now for the raid part allowing people to raid as many bases they want is just a terrible idea it would cause so much chaos for mods dealing with sits its highley problematic as a whole -1
  12. The problem with this is that they can also wait till all players leave their base and then raid silently and then destroy all the entities and then leave and they can do that over and over because logs show doors getting lockpicked but dont show which door and they can get away with saying i was just lockpicking my own door silent raiding is a thing that shouldnt be allowed. Im also not sure what you mean about the pd part all cops can respond but they cant come back when they die
  13. Kil

    Rule Change

    I think the problem is if you have a bunch of fences stacked behind eachother the part where you can see through you cant
  14. You say that having a gun on you is half the fun of darkrp but maybe just keep a gun in the inventory system and then when you need one you can take it out and shoot, also you can kill cops for weapon checking you if you dont consent
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