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  1. Hey Tessa Thanks for applying Pros: Decent mod app Active Cons: You have a few bans that wasnt including in this mod app one which was recently Did not include NLR timer Therefore im going with a -1
  2. Hey poolguy thanks for applying Pros: None Cons: Warned while mod app up Doesn't reach the age requirement as well ( openly admitted he was 13) -1
  3. Be1ial

    FailRP report

    Thanks for the report! The player has been issued a warning for FailRP. Have a great day!
  4. Hey poop thanks for applying! Pros: Active Ex staff Chill in game Cons: None So far in game as gibby said you have been good so far therefore im going with a +1 Like to see you on the team !
  5. Hey vini thanks for appliny So in game you did bring up that you were gonna make a mod app in ooc There was more than just that but that is the current screenshot as of now i have. As of now i will be giving a -1
  6. Hey shade Thanks for applying Pros: No bans Cons: B1 and B2 short answers C1 you also may issue a ban if they are constantly rdm'ing people either for repeated or Mass C2 also may issue a ban if its Mass and no NLR timer D1 report it in with another admin or report in with the persons admin D2 You also have your sit after you ban the Mass RDM'er Also i've only seen you on for a few days maybe a week Therefore im going with a -1
  7. Hi Cuckel Thanks for applying Pros: No bans No warns Cons: Havent seen you in game much except for today Some short answers Application lacks of detail Therefore im going with a -1
  8. Hey sleepy thanks for applying Pros: No bans Active on the server Cons: Due to problems in game as in the sit we had for failRP (which did not lead to a warn but a verbal) the sit was for you killing yourself in a base to call over on a raid And having illegal party's C1 you should warn someone for RDA or if its Mass RDA should be a ban of 2 weeks C2 should have another example for raiding as well C3 at least another example as well Therefore im giving you a -1
  9. Hi darkpulse thanks for the report. We did just have a sit about this but you were following me around when i started to get to the city part of the map once you had followed me around towards the spawn area and the 3 building area i had warned you 3 times. The last warns which were the 2nd and 3rd were 2 seconds apart as shown in the video 2nd warn was at 12 seconds and 3rd was at 14 seconds as i said earlier as shown in the video i warned you and killed you because i had felt threaten by you since you were just following me around. If there was any mistakes that is my fault. I had offered you any refunds in game
  10. Be1ial

    Walrus Mod App

    perfect mod app (banned while mod app up) -1
  11. Hey Drunk Uncle, Thanks for applying! Pros: Active in the server Staff experience -in the middle: You have no warns Cons: C2 Didnt give example D1 Record the staff member that is abusing then report it towards a higher up as in a Admin of the server D2 Deal with the mass rdmer first then go back to the previous sit you were dealing with before D3 You start off with a verbal warn for them to stop then you start to warn them first time if they didnt listen 2nd time since they continue to build in the streets then you are able to ban them for NITRP/Prop Minge Therefore im going with a Neutral
  12. Hey Darkpulse Thanks for applying! Pros: Ex staff Cons: 4 bans each for exceeding the warn threshold C3 using outside knowledge that your character knowledge wouldnt know D2 you would pause the sit then jailtp or goto him then ban him and continue the sit you were earlier in D3 I dont exactly know what you mean by "explain that they cant build in the streets and if they didn't warn" In conclusion im going with a -1
  13. Hey miracle thanks for applying! Pros: Knows the rules Active on the server Polite on the server Fit for staff Cons: In C2 you didn't explain NLR well you did not explain how you forget pretty much all of past life and you cannot go back to a PD Raid/Raid until it is called over In C3 Metagame is using information that your character knowledge should not know. Also one of your example which is Mayor targeting certain roles of character would be considered FailRP and refusing something to someone because of their job would be FailRP again. In D1 you should record them then report them instead of asking why they are doing it Also in D3 if they dont listen you are able to verbal warn or warn them but if they continue you are able to ban them for NITRP/Prop Minge which would be 3-5 days In conclusion im going with a Neutral
  14. Hey clatt thanks for applying! Pros: Active on the server Has staff experience Cons: In answer C1 the 2 warns would be right to do but if it is more of over time it would be Repeated RDM or RDA which would result in a 7 day ban and if its quickly that would be mass RDM/RDA that would result in a 2 week ban In answer D2 you would pause your sit and jailtp the mass rdmer and ban them for 2 weeks for mass rdm then continue the sit you were in D3. you tell them to stop building in the street and tell them if they want to build they would have to switch to hobo and build on the sidewalk. If they fail to comply with you, then you proceed to warn them and continue to warn them if they still do not listen you are able to ban them for NITRP/Prop Minge The mod app needs a bit of more work In conclusion i will be giving you a -1
  15. Hey Agent thanks for applying! Pros: Amazing ex staff Active in server Knows the rules well Extremely good mod app Cons: None Therefore im giving you a +1 (keep the legacy of the angriest staff!)
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