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  1. buddy youre retarded. you didnt make an attempt to even bring the person. as a staff member you should know that deescalating the situation or an upset player is your priority. your brain cells literally have completely stopped working at this point, and I really don't know how you are still staff. at this point I have lost all hope for you, and do not respect you as a person, player or staff member.
  2. Your In-Game (RP) Name: yespapa Which staff member are you reporting: carelesslion Please describe the staff member's unjust behavior: I was clearly rdm'd, but as I was explaining the situation, his last brain cells couldn't handle it and he left. The video provided shows both what happened and how he handled it. Please provide any available evidence to back your claims:
  3. +1 Would like to see as staff again.
  4. -1 I don't think you're 15. (not a huge deal) Your application lacks detail in certain areas. c2: No example. Failed to explain NLR for raids. c3: You did not define metagame. d1: As well as getting evidence, you should send that to said staff member's higher up with an explanation of the situation. d3: It is against the rules yes. You could start with a verbal then proceed with warns that you feel are necessary.
  5. -1 I've had no positive interactions with you in game.
  6. -1 not funny didnt laugh
  7. yespapa

    Moot's Mod App

    +1 Pros: Good player. Framptus pretty much mentioned it all. Cons: A few warns. Not too active recently. Application: c2: No example. Application is overall well written and detailed.
  8. +1 Pros: Active. Knows Rules. Only positive experiences in game. Overall good player. Cons: idk Application: Gibby and jEK mentioned already. c2: I know it's in your example, but you could add to your explanation that you are unable to come back to not only an area but also a raid in general.
  9. +1 Pros: Active. Good interactions. Knows rules. Cons: idk Application: Combat mentioned.
  10. NEUTRAL Pros: Good experiences in game. Cons: Bans. Warns. Application: d2: You would deal with the said Mass RDMer, then proceed with your sit.
  11. -1 Warned with application up. Extreme minge in game.
  12. Pros: Good interactions in game. Active. Ex Staff. Cons: idk Application: Well written Conclusion: +1
  13. Pros: Positive experiences in game. Warns. Cons: Haven't seen in game too many times. Application: c3: Metagame example isn't great. d1: You would not take it to the forums. Take the evidence to someone higher than said staff member, while doing that you will also want to give a detailed explanation of the situation. Conclusion: Neutral
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